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Work with negative comments in Instagram
Did you make a lot mistakes? Do clients write negative reviews? Do clients criticize your company in public in social networks?
It's very unpleasantly! You should do something and in any case don't be inactive.

We prepared several hints which should help you.

1. Prefer not to use standard phrases

First of all each client, who write negative review, wait for a immediately help. He doesn't want to see stereotyped phrases, for example: "Thanks for your review if you need a help, please, write to our e-mail". Customer wants only a solution of his problems and little attention from the seller. So don't be afraid to address on him by name and explain that you regret the incident and add a phrase, for example: "I will write you a private message to discuss the details and help".

2. Do not be afraid to admit your mistakes

If client writes a negative comment because he have not understood something or found, you need to carefully explain him what to do. But if you really made mistakes, please, admit them and apologize. It's a normal for people make a mistake. But definitely do not throw your fault on the client and try to expose him as a fool.

3. Don't communicate with your clients in public

The main problem of negative reviews is publicity of so message. Other clients and potential customers assess you by your reaction. So try to communicate with your clients in other places. For example, private messages in social networks or e-mail.

4. Don't take it too personal

One of the most important rule, especially for women, is don't take negative comments to heart. Please understand that the client is not angry with you personally, he is dissatisfied with just a situation that can be corrected. So, don't worry and try to solve the problems of your customers.

When there are only positive reviews it's always suspicious so negative reviews should be. The main thing is don't be afraid to answer and solve the problem.

Form your answers in a soft form and don't forget about respect for the client. After all, customers, like children, are very vulnerable.

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