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Why is Instagram necessary for business?
Why should you use Instagram as additional marketing tool for business?
Instagram is listed among perspective social product that are suitable for creating your own business.

There are several reasons for it:

  • rapid growth popularity of this social network;

  • possibility to publish posts in the form of a photo

  • perception of visual information is more positive

Social resource is present a big interest for communication. Information in publics spread faster thanks to possibility using smartphones. Ultramodern society mostly uses this network.

Instagram is business-social network

As a rule, pages in Instagram are created by people who are 18 years and older. As the statistics show, about 17 percent of users are from 18 to 29 years old. This user base is considered a generation of millennials. They buy goods under the influence of social network. The most part of profiles of modern social network update their own pages at least daily. About a third of users use possibilities of Instagram repeatedly during the day.

How can you use Instagram?

Visualization of goods in modern social network is profitable for such spheres of business, like:

  • selling clothes;

  • realization of cosmetics;

  • handmade

Network play an important role for internet trading and also for sphere of services, which specialize in repairing computers. To implement the business button, you need to have the appropriate updates. They are usually named like Instagram for business. Sale of business-services can be organized profitable for business owners. Besides network possibilities, social resource presents a lot of useful information. It can be useful for profitable use of the platform in the promotion of their own projects. Instagram for business often show examples of successful use of accounts by reputable companies.

Optimization company's profile in Instagram

It is important to optimize your page correctly to make it more visible for people and search engines. Besides your own profit, you shouldn't forget about users because they need a help to orientate quickly in goods. The ability of using keywords is very important for these purposes. They should be been in company's name. Besides name of a company, you should choose logo and of course it would be better if you create it by yourself or with the help of copywriters. Image should be memorable and correspond to the goods.Logo may be also display the general direction of business. It is important to have short and concise description of goods.Information about contacts relating to sales are mandatory. Take attention to personal information when setting up a page. Photos, which are related to sales, should be available to all Instagram followers

Features of photos

Page, which are created for sales, should be like storefront. Photos should look like professional photographs. If these photos were taken at home, they should look like as if they were made by professional.Only a beautifully photographed product will want to be purchased.

Photos with hashtags

Hashtags are an important tool for promotion business in social network. They contribute to a better search for products on the expanses of the social network.Marketing research has information that under the goods there must be at least 5 special labels.

How to entertain the audience of the store?

It would be nice for users if you come up with entertainment. It should combine with kind of store activity. For example, besides goods, you can publish entertainment images or videos in your profile. You can increase the number of subscribers by connecting Instagram to other social networks. For example, you can choose Facebook. Another way to attract additional users can be a periodic subscription to other pages. You can mark favorite photo and invite people to your pages. Crossposting is considered a productive way in a social resource.

Instagram Videos

People in this social network have tools which allow publish videos to internet. The duration of the message can be up to 60 seconds. Such videos can be reposted to the other social networks or even add in in the mailing list.

Instagram Filters

It is important to present photos in a favorable light if you want that your photos don't look like the common grey mass. Special filters for photographies have already got a big popularity in this social network.


Souvenir products can be sold through the organization of a contest. Gifts will stimulate increasing of activity of subscribers. This variant of activity allows attract enough attention from subscribers.

System of bonuses and contests

Marketing research have information that the most number of users subscribe to brands' pages for obtaining discounts on goods. Discounts may be gifted for written comments, for repost and other activities.

Promotion business in Instagram

Standard marketing settings allow use this social network with all efficiency.

The general indicators:

  • number of likes

  • number of comments

  • number of transitions to the page

Performance evaluation can also be performed by various services.

Remember, analysis of statistics is very important for business in Instagram.

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