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Who has the most popular account on the Instagram?
Instagram TOP
In our time Instagram has become not only a place where you can publish photos and videos. This is a whole social platform on which some people promote others, share their really cool creations, or simply watch the lives of friends, acquaintances or stars.

As in any other social network, there are their favorites and leaders in the number of publications and subscribers.

0 place. Instagram

Number of publications: 4562

Subscribers: 225 million

It was quite expected. The profile of the creator of the largest photocountry is very popular among users. Therefore, we will not dwell on it.

1 place. Selena Gomez

Number of publications: 1340

Subscribers: 123 million

At the age of 24, the American singer has already achieved tremendous popularity, becoming simultaneously a singer, actress, composer, songwriter, model and goodwill ambassador of UNICEF.

The combination of filming, writing songs and active performances before the public affected the health of the singer. Initially, it was a simple physical exhaustion, and then switched to lupus.

The fight against the disease only added to her popularity. And her account in Instagram serves as a demonstration of how you can always look beautiful, no matter what.

2nd place. Ariana Grande

Number of publications: 3228

Subscribers: 110 million

Another bright star who tries to conquer the hearts of the whole world. Ariana can masterfully replicate the voices of other people, which she demonstrates in her account.

This is the most interesting, in our opinion, profile from the whole trinity. Since the Grande still does not have any formed scenic image, Instagram users actively participate in its creation.

And what is more interesting, she often publishes custom collages on herself. Most often, these are video clips, but there are also photos.

3rd place. Cristiano Ronaldo

Number of publications: 1904

Subscribers: 106 million

Footballer, whose name is known throughout the world. For him, many clubs are ready to fight, and Real Madrid has already given $ 80 million.

He does not complain about the lack of attention, because his Instagram is filled with photos from both the football field and the family. Well, the girls will be interested to see: a lot of photos with an inflated torso.

4 place. Beyonce

Number of publications: 1454

Subscribers: 104 million

Beyonce is considered the most scandalous singer of our time. Her albums are sold in millions of copies, and there is no more space on the wall of awards.

She is constantly under the guns of cameras, but at the same time dominates her career. And Instagram is the best tool for lighting your life.

5 place. Taylor Swift

Number of publications: 977

Subscribers: 102 million

The singer quickly became famous after the release of her second album. According to Forbes, she became the second among the highest paid performers in 2015.

True, she tries to avoid scandals, her Instagram page is filled mostly with pastors.

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