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The impact of sending direct messages on the Instagram promotion
Instagram in just a couple of years managed to turn from a popular photo host into a fully-fledged social network with the option of running its video channels and the ability to make video calls. However, more familiar means of communication between users are also present here. We are talking about Instagram Direct - the built-in instant messenger of the network
Sending messages to Instagram Direct is convenient, the sending algorithm here is the same as in other social networks. Very often, the owners of business accounts use direct messages. With its help, it is convenient to find new customers, communicate with them and offer products and services. Especially for those who want to speed up communication with other users and save time on sending messages, there is a special function - automatic messages to Instagram Direct.

What is it?

It should be noted right away that in the basic functionality of the instagram pages, it is not possible to automate the sending of messages to Direct. To do this, you need to use the help of special services that offer promotion of accounts on Instagram. Make sure that there is an automatic distribution in Instagram Direct in the list of their service options.

The essence of auto messages for the Instagram user is simple - you connect the bot to your account, set the criteria for it to work and activate the system. This is all that needs to be done on your side. Further dispatch to Instagram Direct will be done by the bot in an automatic mode.

Offer from our service

The service Instalex offers its customers a lot of services for Instagram promotion and maintaining instablogs. Newsletter in Instagram Direct is also included in the list of functions of our bot for promotion. With it, you can greatly simplify the process of maintaining your account and save time for forwarding the necessary messages to selected users.

Each user of our service can customize the work with sending messages herself. To do this, you will need to use filters that help in exhibiting all the necessary options for the operation of the Instagram-bot. For example, you can make sure that the dispatch to Instagram Direct is only for your followers or for those users who have subscribed to your account. Try configuring all the necessary options yourself - register on the site of the Instalex service, connect up your Instagram account to the system and start its promotion taking into account any requirements

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