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Targeted advertising in Instagram: what you need to know?
Most often Q&A about TA in Instagram
Targeted advertising in the Instagram is already available to all users.

Now we want to share answers to the most frequently asked questions about targeted advertising in Instagram.

We hope that these answers will help you decide whether you should advertise your products and services in Instagram or not.

What are the advantages of targeted advertising in Instagram?

Advertising in the Instagram has a lot of advantages. We'll tell you about the most important of them:

- Advertising in Instagram is not expensive. Due to the fact that there are not many advertisers in the Instagram, advertising costs less. We think that in five or six months its cost will increase significantly.

- Instagram - one of the fastest growing socisl networks in the world. Not so long ago the number of active users in Instagram exceeded 400 million. In general, it's already the 3-rd year when Instagram is named as one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. As for Russiait occupies the fifth place in terms of the number of users in the world with more than 16 million instagramers.

- Based on data from studies conducted by Kenshoo, Instagram users are 2.5 times more likely to click on ads (not just publications, pay attention) than users of other social networks. generally speaking, the activity of instagrammers is very high, if comparison with any other social network. This is the main reason why Instagram is so attractive for business.

- Also Instagram is famous by the loyalty of its users to brands. Research agency GlobalWebIndex showed that Instagram is at the very first place in the number of following of users to company accounts. By the way, Facebook is also in the leads.

- And, of course, how not to mention the wide possibilities of targeting in Instagram which Facebook gives us? Facebook over the years accumulated a huge amount of data about users of social network and now allows you to take advantage of all this information and for advertising in Instagram.

Who should use official advertising in Instagram?

Despite the many advantages that can be obtained by promoting the company in Instagram, it should be remembered that advertising in this social network is not suitable for any company. The audience in the Instagram is very young and mostly female, so the best results are obtained by those companies who are interested in this segment of customers. Well, if in addition to the above, you also have a visually attractive, and even not very expensive goods, then you should definitely be advertised and promoted in the Instagram!

We defined the following categories of business for whom advertising in Instagram should give the biggest benefits:

- Online shopping with visually appealing products;

- Developers of mobile applications;

- Restaurants, bars and cafes;

- Furniture stores, as well as decor stores;

- The touristic business;

- Companies selling products for babies;

- Companies focused on health and healthy eating;

- Authors of books, musicians, artists, creative personalities;

- Companies selling flowers, goods for crafting and everything that belongs to the "do it by yourself" theme;

- Companies engaged in events, weddings;

- all other companies from any sectors who can offer high-quality visual content.

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We know everything about targeted advertising in Instagram and Facebook!
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