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"Stars" promotion in Instagram as a method of effective promotion
Promotion with celebs
Now one of the most effective ways to promote in the Instagram social network is cooperation with celebrities and stars, which have hundreds thousands, or even several million followers in Instagram.

The absolute majority of such popular bloggers willingly meet clients and additional earnings, so advertising can be seen in the models, and the stylists, and pop stars accounts.

What's the of cost "star" advertising?

The cost of advertising in celebrity accounts often does not depend directly on the number of followers or other criteria customary for SMM, it is more a subjective assessment of the star of its capabilities.

On average level, the cost of an advertising post in the Russian's star account is about 1400 to 2200 USD. Stars of world-wide level for example Kim Kardashyan announce the cost of 10 000 USD per 1 advertising post.

As market experts note, the cost of advertising placement can change in connection with the change in the hero's representations about his significance.

For example, if a star participated in a popular show or performed on a well-known channel - so in such cases, the cost of advertising without good reason for that can increase.

What is advertised?

Most often in the accounts of the stars appear links to small businesses: online clothing stores, interior studios, studio decor, dental clinics, consumer goods, etc.

Having a credit of subscribers' trust, a star can significantly raise the popularity rating of a certain product among consumers.

In addition to small companies, large brands also now cooperate with celebrities.

Large companies with the help of stars present new services, products and, of course, what users love in any social network - competitions.

As a rule, SMM experts note the high effectiveness of advertising in the accounts of the stars - after placing several posts, not only the number of followers increases but also the number of orders.
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