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"Sorry, an error occurred while processing this request"
What to do, if Instagram writes: "Sorry, an error occurred while processing this request" when you try to log
Also error can be if you try to connect Instagram account to business page in Facebook. It's not a problem with your account because when you log on from a computer or other device, everything works fine. This way doesn't solve this error but allows you to login your account.

Now let's talk more about the solution

  • When you login account, next choose "Help with login". This button is below the "Login".
  • There you input nickname of your account and press "send link to login".
  • The link for login will be sent to email which is linked with your Instagram account. You should have app for mail on the smartphone for this.
  • When clicking on the link, you will be offered to open the instagram app, you agree.
  • Done, you're logged into your account.
Solution №2:

  • This way works if you can not login account from your smartphone but can login from the computer.
  • Login account from the browser and go to the "edit profile" and there choose "temporarily block my account".
  • An hour later, restore the account via the mobile application.
Solution of the error for Android

  • You need to reset your phone settings to factory settings and the problem is solved. If you want to learn how to do this, you need to write the model of your phone in the search engine and also write "reset to factory settings".
Solution of the error for IOS Iphone and Ipad

  • Go to Settings, general, at the very bottom "reset". You need to choose "Erase all content and settings" and only this variant because reset, without deleting content will not help.
  • You should understand that your phone will return to its original condition, it will look like a new phone, which will need to be configured in the same way as when buying.
  • All content will be deleted, so before resetting, do not forget to copy all needed content on your computer.
  • Solving the error on the iPhone "Sorry, an error occurred while processing this request" more complicated than on the Android.
Therefore, if you do not want to delete all your content, use the information above "solution №1 or №2"

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