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Smth new about Instagram stories
A short look on last changes
Speaking very briefly, in the stories of Instagram, it now possible:

- to add links;

- to mention the profiles of other users;

- directly shoot videos in the format of a Boomerang;

- perform live broadcasts.

Adding links to the story

In the Stories of Instagram appeared a possibility to add clickable links to, for example, to promote new articles, websites, movies, or songs of popular artists.

Currently this feature is open to verified profiles!

Link looks like a call to "Learn more" ("See More" in the picture below) and is placed at the bottom of the story.

Taking into account the fact that the appeal is not so much evident, you need to encourage users to click on an additional label, arrows and other visual elements that your imagination will suffice.

In order to open the link in the history of Instagram, the user sjould either click on it or swipe up from the bottom.

The destination page will open inside the app, meaning the user will not be redirected to the website — he will stay back in Instagram.

Mentioning of profiles in history Instagram

Another possibility, which appeared in Instagram is the ability to mention/tag other users in their stories.

This function works exactly at the same manner as the mark of other users in the comments using the @symbol username.

The reference to profiles in Instagram history

When you create Stories, You can now directly enable the option "Boomerang", which will allow you to record a mini-video in a typical application of this format, which is played forward and backward.

Live broadcasts on Instagram

The Interesting thing is that livestream is a temporary content like Instagram recently appeared in the Stories of disappearing photos and videos.

It is evident that Instagram is seriously evolving in the direction where there are two areas of content:

- quality and thoughtful content in Your gallery;

- created, they say, "on the go" content.

Instagram stories also belong to the last type as disposable messages, which you can send now through Instagram Direct.

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