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Shopping posts in Instagram
Opportunity to make purchases through publication in Instagram
Did you know that in Instagram there is an opportunity to leave shopping posts that allow the user to get additional information about the goods shown in the photo and add them straight to the shopping cart of the online store.

Mobile commerce is currently developing at a particularly rapid pace and Instagram clearly is not going to miss the chance to participate in this trend.

This, of course, is understandable, since statistics show that users of Instagrams do not mind using social network software to make decisions about purchases at all.

At the moment, the option is availiable in the US, where 20 major brands have the opportunity to introduce the innovation in practice.

As the tests were successful, this opportunity should will appear nearest time in other countries. Instagram does not yet explain how this function will finally work, but users can be sure that it will be available only to business accounts.

How will the shopping post work?

Sellers - in a literal sense - posts will look almost like usual, except for a small button "tap to view products", that is "click to see the goods".

When a user clicks on a photo, a small message will appear on the products with the product name and its price.

Maximum in one publication it will be possible to post information about 5 products.

If the user clicks on any of the product messages, he gets to the intermediate gallery, where he can get more detailed information about each of the products indicated in the photo. "Product card" contains a large photo, product name, price, detailed description and, most importantly, a call to action "Buy".

When clicking on the "Buy" button, the user will go to the product page in the seller's online store where he can complete the purchase.

In the future, Instagram also expect to add the possibility for the users to save the shopping post in drafts to enable him to make a purchasing decision at a convenient time.

We think it's great! Do you agree?

And we wish you to reach the enormous number of followers (sure with us) to the moment, when Shopping posts will be put in place, to blow up your sales!

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