Alexander metelev
Shadowban in Instagram
If you have not heard yet about Shadowban let's talk about what is this exactly is and how to protect your account from it.
What it is?

Shadowban - missing some hashtag from the Instagram search engine. Sometimes people mean under the shadowban the loss of individual publications from the tape of other hashtags. We found only one "proof" of the existence of a shadowban - when the publication is disappeared from the hashtag tape.

One Instagram user posted a photo with the hashtag #ilovechi, and from another account he could not find this publication.

However, we found this publication for that hashtag.

Most likely there was a temporary bug.

On foreign sources, it is recommended to check publications from other people's accounts by hashtag, or check them in the service:

It's not finally clear how does work this service, and all the cases of the shadow ban that we've met have disappeared in a couple of hours.

About the shadow ban in Russian SMM communities talks started in mid of April 2017.

It started with several articles, notes and a video about the shadowban. Basically, articles described unreliability and mythology, so we decided to figure it out.

We decided to conduct an experiment.

Actually we found that disabling some hashtags, is most likely an attempt at content moderation, and the loss of some publications from the hashtag tape is most likely a bug, and the servers did not have time to update.

Moderation of content.

Instagram tries to moderate the content on its site. It checks complaints about accounts, and even more often bans accounts for spam-mailing. If you publish a photo of a naked child on the river, the photo will be deleted. If you publish pornographic content - the account will be banned.

Frankly speaking, the criteria for pornographic content are conditional, if you cover up or cover up the primary sexual characteristics and nipples, then the photo becomes erotic. What will happen to this photo, if forbidden hashtags will e attached to it is not exactly known, but the forbidden hashtags do not work.

Disabling some hashtags from search can be the result of algorithms that saw in the hashtag something forbidden or too much spam. If you find that your personal hashtag has disappeared from the tape, you can just wait until everything is fixed, or write to tech support.

They will most likely answer by the time of the second coming.

Instagram reaction

Instagram itself on February 28 published a record in which he admitted that some hashtags are blocked. This is not confirmation that the shadow ban exists, the entry says that some hashtags are not included to the search.

In addition, the record indicated several recommendations for the development of business areas in the Instagram. When creating an account development strategy, please pay attention to business tasks, content, and not only to hashtags.

Create high-quality attractive content.

Try to add brand elements to the publication. Color decoration, logo, tips.

Make content interesting. Tell stories.

The problem with the hashtag functionality exists, but the problem is greatly exaggerated. Check hashtags. Create high-quality and interesting creative content.
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