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Programs for Instagram accounts: main types and capabilities
A brief but helpful overview.
In recent years, instagrammers were bombarded with an increasing number of programs for Instagram accounts. Their functionality is so diverse that it covers almost all aspects of working with instablog. What types of applications are most common? We will introduce you to their most sought after types.

Instagram Statistics Applications
One of the most popular types of programs for Instagram accounts is currently statistical online services. By connecting your Instagram page to them, you can get detailed information about your online activity, your audience, its preferences and the most popular posts. You can find both free Instagram analytics services and resources with a subscription fee on the Internet.

Programs for promotion
This kind of program for Instagram accounts was especially popular at the beginning of the current decade. At that time, the scope of promotion in Instagram was making its first steps. Applications of this type were quite enough to automate the implementation of the main methods of promotion: mass-following, mass-liking, and unfollowing.

Alternative programs for promotion
The programs for Instagram accounts described in the previous paragraph are rapidly losing their positions in the market for instablog promotion. They were replaced by special online services. It is easier and more convenient to work with them - no additional applications need to be installed on the computer, and page promotion can be conducted from any device with Internet access. The audience of such resources is growing according to the improvement of their functional capabilities, which are constantly progressing.

Instalex - convenience and efficiency in one service
For those who wish to comprehensively promote their page on Instagram there is the online service Instalex. With it you will receive all the necessary tools for the promotion of your instablog. Using Instalex frees you from the need to use third-party programs for Instagram accounts. Our service helps not only to promote the pages in the specified social network, but also to facilitate their maintenance and to collect all the necessary statistics on them. You will learn more about all the functionality of the platform by exploring the Instalex website in more detail.

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