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Professional massfollowing in Instagram and Facebook with Itlex
Cheap&effective promo in Facebook-Instagram
Everyone know that Instagram-Facebook is the biggest social network in the world so far.

As for us, We believe that massfollowing is the cheapest and effective way to promote your account in Instagram.

Although, a year ago, it gave ten times more strong result than now, but still. What's the point?

In brief, with the help of a special program/service (from automatic programs in terms of price/quality we recommend or even manually you should subscribe/follow to people on the desired criteria. People see your activity and in response to these actions these people come to look at your page and if they are interested in your product/service/brand/identity they subscribe to you.

It is the main idea of promotion through massfollowing (or MF).

Obvious positive points:

  • the cheapest way to promotion;

  • to establish criteria for the subscription (if you do it through the program);

  • Quite a large limit per day ( 1 000 subscriptions + 2 000 followers).

Disappointments resolved with

  • Need training - but with the help of - it's not a problem.

  • Immediately run right MF is quite difficult - it's also not a problem if professional team is in charge of your account promotion;

  • There is fear of freezing and even blocking the account, especially if you have recently created -'s team is pro, they will imitate a real human activity to avoid any detections and bans;

  • you Need to use a special app or software - if you are cooperating with someone else, but with Itlex everything is done through web interface;

  • you need to Pre-select and filter the database which will be performed MF - sure you have to be carefully prepared before you start;

  • Recent Instagram try to create difficulties for this method of promotion - but Itlex is also not standing in a corner - they are continuously developing their algorithms and methods of promotional activity.

We will provide an example to show you the main advantage of this approach.

Someone who has been repairing cell phones decided to promote their services with massfollowing. Just after 2 months he was provided with orders for the month ahead and already opens the third point. Approximately 60% of new clients have been with Instagram.

Be successful with!

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