Instalex pricing
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You can automate your routine activities: mass-following /liking / commenting and mass-unfollowing on Instagram.
With this function you can see all comments in one window and immediately respond to them.

Post photos and videos and our bot will post your records exactly on the schedule - at the right time and date!
Modules Functions
- Auto follow / unfollow
- Publish and deferred posting
- Auto likes photo
- Auto comments under posts
- Promotion by competitors
- Promotion by tag owners
- Promotion for tag lovers
- Promotion on your list
- Any number of accounts
- Editing accounts
- 100+ filters and settings
per month
- Newsletter list own list
- Newsletter to new followers
- Newsletter to your followers
- Editing messages
- Use emoji emoticons
- Spintax format support
- 30+ filters and settings
- Auto pauses and mailing limits
- 3 types of mailings automatically
- Online messenger (coming soon)
per month
- View comments
- Answer using emoji
- Mark "Important"
- Marked "Solved"
- Delete comments
- View Correspondence History
- Support for neural networks
- Delete spam comments
- Negative Auto Detector
- Auto Spam Removal
per month
- Posting photo Online
- Post Editor
- Posting video
- Geotags
- Auto removal
- First comment
- Water signs
- Posting Stories (coming soon)
- Posting Galleries (coming soon)
- Shopping Tags (coming soon)
per month
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