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Posting videos on Instagram: everything you wanted to know about it, but were afraid to ask
Work with video and post them according to the rules.
Instagram is not just an endless stream of photos. Publications with video content are also very popular there. Today we will tell you about the basics of posting a video on Instagram, which will help you to better promote your page in social networks.

How to correctly post video on personal pages

If you are promoting a personal account, then probably know that video recording is a guaranteed way to attract more followers. Posting video on your Instagram personal page is recommended to be conducted every two to three days. If there is more video that you want to share with the followers, we advise you to publish the content in the Stories mode.

Business account rules

Do you maintain an instalgram page through which you sell some goods or services? In this case, posting video on Instagram is highly recommended to you - with the help of commercials you will be able to demonstrate to potential customers the products you offer. We advise you to post no more than three videos per business day per day - in this way you will give them the opportunity to get a wider coverage.

Why you'd better not constantly upload lots of videos

If posting a video on Instagram from your page exceed all reasonable limits, then you run the risk of encountering a mass deletion of followers from your account. Not everyone may like scrolling the feed, which is clogged with your videos, and therefore it is recommended to limit yourself in the publication of new clips.

However, one exception to the rules is still there - you can publish a lot of videos every day, if you conduct a public page in Instagram filled with only video content. Then there are no restrictions on uploading videos, because your followers will be ready for a constant stream of new clips.

Powerful posting with Instalex

To facilitate the posting of videos on Instagram, the Instalex service is here to help you. In the functionality of our platform you will find the option of automatically publishing records on your Instagram page. It is all very simple: prepare a video, set the time and date of posting, and our system will publish a clip for you.

Also you will find a lot of tools for promoting the page on Instagram and the content laid out on it. You can learn more about them on our website. There you will find information on the cost of our services.

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