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Posting photos in Instagram like a pro
These tips will surely come in handy for you.
It is necessary to keep developing your Instagram account in the right way. It is impossible to stop only on the correct page layout: you also need to learn the basics of posting a photo on Instagram. This article will give you some important recommendations that will help you to publish new pictures according to all the canons of effective promotion.

Remain active

Falling out of sight is not allowed, so do not leave your subscribers without fresh pictures for a long time. If you want noticeable results from the promotion of your account, then we recommend to arrange an automatic daily posting of photos in Instagram. This way you will always be in sight, and your followers will constantly receive fresh content from you. If there are situations when it is difficult for you to spread new pictures, please inform your subscribers about a temporary pause.

Do not post too much

Cluttering up their followers feed updates is not worth it either. You do not need to be too intrusive, so give up plans for hourly posting photos in Instagram. Better upload 2-3 photos a day - this is enough to maintain active development of your account. If you have a lot of new content that you want to share, then publish it in Stories mode - so you will show subscribers more of your photos, and will not clog their news feed.

Choose the right time

To post a photo in Instagram there is a certain time of day suitable. We recommend publishing new pictures in the morning, lunch or in the evening. It is at these intervals that Instagram users are most active on the network, so your photos will have a higher chance of getting increased coverage.

Maintain your Instagram account with Instalex

Posting photos in Instagram can be made much more convenient with Instalex. Our service offers its users the ability to configure automatic publication of new records and their simplified editing. With our help, you can also create a content plan that will further simplify the process of uploading new photos to your Instagram account. We offer you to try the possibilities of Instalex for free - new users of the service are given 3 days to use the demo version of the platform. If you are satisfied with the quality of our services, then you can subscribe directly to it on our website.

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