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Optimize Instagram profile for business in 2017
In this article we will talk about how to make a profitable trading platform from Instagram-account.
In 2-3 years, online stores, as we know them now, will stop making a big profit. Today the attendance of traditional trade portals has significantly decreased.

The reason for this is the growing popularity of mobile gadgets and the corresponding format of applications, services, which contribute to optimizing the process of selecting the necessary trade offer.

The first step in increasing the number of target customers in 2017 should include the transformation of the classic Instagram profile into a starting trading tool. A practical guide to developing an effective online store in Instagram

Switch personal account into business mode.


  • the ability to track the profile's statistic

  • The potential buyer will be able to report on the decision to purchase the goods directly within your business account.

Switching algorithm:

  • in the settings click on the button to go into the business profile;

  • then authorize in the service via Facebook, after which synchronize the business tool with the Instagram account

  • place contact information so that customers can quickly contact you using the built-in account button.

The final version of the Instagram store should contain the following information:

  • store name, brand;

  • actual address of the company, schedule of work;

  • e-mail and telephone number;

  • logo and motto.

Publish high-quality photos with a high degree of informativeness.

To create a demonstration tape, it's best to use a digital camera, not a smartphone. For the first time get a camera that was in use, believe me, this investment very quickly pays for itself.

Scenario for photography is selected depending on the type of products.The foreshortening, the background color, the development of auxiliary visual solutions - all this needs to be paid attention in the context of optimizing the customer's perception of your trade offer.

Recommendation: Invite models to display consumer goods (it is about bijouterie, clothes, shoes, smartphones and etc.) So you can convince the customer in practical value of product. Recommendation №2 :work on the visual integrity of the composition, do not be afraid to experiment with the location of the elements involved in photography. Your main task is creation of "tasty" demo-selling image. Connect the standard tool of Instagram promotion.

It's about building a special hashtag. Advantages and features:

  • with his help your posts will be quickly found by potential customers;

  • you should include a brand or company name in structure of your special hashtag.

Let's see, which hashtags are used by Instagram-competitors.


  • so customers will go to your account inadvertently;

  • the volume of target sales will increase naturally;

  • An additional advantage is the preparation of the ground for the launch of a word of mouth and the viral dissemination of information about the brand.

Deduce the strategy of promotion of the Instagram-store to a new level by using social evidence.

The essence: stimulate customers publish photos with goods, which they bought from you.

Method of influence: form a promo action, which will allow subscribers get a five per cent discount on the subsequent purchase if they place in their tape a photo report with your trade proposal. We assure, there will be enough people. An additional bonus is the growth of repeat sales.

Maintain relations with authoritative Instagram-bloggers. Do the following:

  • looking for popular accounts with 30,000 or more subscribers;

  • studying the target audience of authoritative bloggers;

  • if you identify potential customers, take the initiative by offering cooperation;

  • attract new customers with help by paid advertising from bloggers. Also you can offer a barter to a blogger in which you give him a product and he advertise it.

Organize the contests. Yes, this method of optimizing sales is still relevant. Before launch the contest, you need:

  • identify, which goods are the most in demand;

  • think about conditions for the contest (the simpler the better)

To take part in the contest they need:

  • to subscribe on your profile and repost note about the contest;

  • to subscribe on your profile, writing a comment and repost;

  • to subscribe on your profile, writing a comment and like the note.

Advice: form conditions of contests, guided by the consumer value of the trade proposal. Remember that excessive list of requirements may negatively affect the quality of social reactions.

Connect paid Instagram advertising. Let's note, that this tool solve 2 task at once:

  • promotion business-profile in general;

  • direct sale of goods

Paid advertising will be effective if you:

  • correctly identify the target audience for which the advertising publications are launched;

  • select a quality image;

  • write an affective motto.

Write and place interesting and thematic content.

Within the selected topic useful text notes allow attract additional audience. There are a lot of variants, for example:

  • sell phones and provide information on the upcoming upgrade of the functionality, the use of all sorts of technical resources, etc .;

  • sell bijuterias and tell about what accessories you should wear on different events

Advice: form step-by-step content strategy and post informative notes regularly.

That's all. Follow our new materials.

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