Alexander metelev
Offline mode of Instagram: Facebook F8 announcement
Recently a Facebook F8 conference was held. At the mentioned event, there was announced that Instagram is preparing for the next update.
This time the developers will surprise everyone by adding offline mode.

How does it work ?

Subscribers will be able to use the application without connecting to the network. It will not be possible to upload new photos, but it will be possible to provide comments on content and add bookmarks, to put the likes, subscribe to new accounts and unsubscribe from them. Most likely, not all the tapes will be updated, but some of the subscriptions. When you connect to the Internet, all offline activities will be synchronized.

Why do you need it ?

This approach is not designed for such developed countries as the US and European countries. As a rule, in these places there are many problems with the Internet starting from its quality and ending with the possibility of connection in principle. And in some countries of Europe the Internet accessibility can be a hard point to discuss. At the same time, 80% of Instagram users are outside of United States - all over the world.

Where does it come from?

As you already know, the owners of the company Facebook bought the Instagram development. And they already had a similar experience - the Facebook Lite application. It also works in offline mode, due to which it was very popular among the inhabitants of India and Africa. There it was downloaded by 200 million users.

So far the same successful approach will be applied to Instagram social net.

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