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New SMP Module Release
We present to your attention a new module from the service Instalex - SMP (Social Media Promotion)
We present to your attention a new module from the service Instalex - SMP (Social Media Promotion). SMP module is a new direction in the development of our platform. We offer you a full range of services for the quality promotion of the most popular social networks.

We support: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Telegram and 11 more social networks. Our catalog of supported social networks will be constantly updated, we try to keep up with the times and provide our consumer with only the most advanced technologies and promotion services.

In the SMP module catalog you will find a huge amount of quality positions for every taste and color, here are some of them:

  • Instagram MIX subscribers
  • Instagram subscribers Turkey
  • Instagram likes Russian
  • Instagram likes Brasil
  • Instagram likes China
  • Instagram likes HQ
  • Instagram views Arabic
  • Instagram views USA
  • Instagram MIX Story Views
  • Instagram votes for polls
  • Instagram save posts
  • Instagram Live Video Views
  • Instagram Live Videos Like
  • Instagram Live Video Comments
  • and more than 200 positions, you can familiarize yourself with the entire product catalog now in the new SMP module -

One of the most optimistic news, unlike our already existing module of likes and video views, the new SMP module works with any accounts and you do not need to add your Instagram accounts to the Instalex system to place an order, you can work with any accounts of any supported us, social networks!

The SMP module has been actively working over the past month and is showing excellent results. Today we will present it to you and open a public beta test module for you. At the moment, the module works at 100% and all positions and products are available in it. Try to use the new module today and do not forget to unsubscribe to our technical support service if you find any bug or problem.

Do not forget that the module is still in beta test and if you find any problems or malfunctions - do not worry! Immediately contact us and we will try to correct the situation as soon as possible!
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