Alexander metelev
New feature for Comment Tracker module
Yesterday we released new feature for Comment Tracker module. It is still in beta, but it works well already.
We started development of Machine Learning functions a month ago and now our system can detect emotion of comments: it is negative or positive.

You even can set option for automatic deletion of negative comment. Our system is able to detect negative comments for English and Russian language yet. Next language is Portuguese which will be supported in several days. And then step by step we will support more and more languages.

The accuracy of comments emotion detection is about 90% and this is why we need to teach our smart system to increase this percent. To do this we implemented functionality so that our users may mark comments as negative when you delete them manually and also you can mark comments as positive when system made a mistake marking comment as negative. This is why it is very important so that our users take part on the process of marking comments. Please do it when you see the system asks your to do it.

Now we believe our Comment Tracking module becomes more and more useful, performs some automation actions and it brings more value to our users. We hope that users of this modules will be increased because negative comment automatic detection and deletion is what many our users dreamed about so long time.
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