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Languages filter
Choosing a target audience by a linguistic criteria
The filter option allows you to select the languages of the target user profiles.

Use this option to get subscribers who speak the selected languages.

The language of the profile is determined based on its description and the headings under the posts.

And as the filter is an undefined language - If this check box is checked, the system will use for promotion those accounts from which it could not determine the language.

Look - nothing complicated!

But in this way you can repeatedly increase the effectiveness of your advertising company!

Also, this option will be very useful for those who are serious about the promotion of their projects at the international level and specifically divides information materials on languages.

Using language filters, you can promote your content to the target audience, which is the native speaker of the language that is the basis of your material. Read our blog to always be aware of lifhacks and little tricks from!

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