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Instalex vs. Zen-Promo: the comparison of services
We continue comparing the Instagram-services.
The week is coming to an end, which means that it is the time for our traditional rubric, in which we compare the services of the instagram-promotion. The review participants team has changed by exactly half compared with the previous article. As you might have guessed, one of the compared services continues to be with us - it's the online platform Instalex. Today its competitor will be the resource Zen-Promo. This platform works on the international market and accepts orders for promotion on Instagram from users from all over the world. Perhaps, it will become a worthy rival for Instalex, let's check it out during the comparison.

1. Easy signup and usability of the site
Do you want to create an account in the Instalex or Zen-Promo systems? It will not take you much time. Registration on these platforms is very fast, you only need to specify your current email address and come up with a password for your account. In a minute, your account in the services will be ready.
The usability of the sites Instalex and Zen-Promo is on high level, too. Working with these services is very convenient, for a better understanding of all the capabilities of the platforms, users can refer to the detailed guidelines for working with systems. Therefore, we reward both of the resource with a point.

2. Functionality of the system
Right in the second comparison criterion, the differences between the services become noticeable. Zen-Promo offers pretty good functionality: the users of the system have the options of mass-liking, mass-following, unfollowing, auto-commenting and automatic sending of messages to Direct.
The customers of Instalex have a wider list of opportunities to promote their Instagram-accounts. For them, the functions used in Zen-Promo and additional ways of promotion (auto-posting, comment-tracker) are available. Therefore, we consider it necessary to give Instalex a point for its more functional system.

3. Filters for promotion
The options for setting up the promotion progress of Instagram-accounts in Instalex and Zen-Promo are almost identical. Users of the platforms can take advantage of geotargeting, search of target audience by hashtags, followers and many other filters. This makes it possible to promote accounts in Instagram more productively and get increased coverage for published posts. In terms of the filters for promotion, we were not able to identify the strongest service, so the points go to both platforms at the same time.

4. Speed of service execution
The speed with which the customer orders are performed in Instalex and Zen-Promo deserves a special attention. The speed of promotion in these services is extremely high, but the limits for the promotion of instablogs are still not exceeded. So, we again grant points to the two resources compared today.

5. Cost of services
In terms of the prices for the services, the undisputed leadership belongs to Zen-Promo. Using the service per month costs $13. The same price is paid by users of Instalex, but this includes the use of only one option, while in Zen-Promo you can get all the functionality of the system. Therefore, for a more loyal price of services, the point is given to Zen-Promo.

6. Payment options
To pay for services in the Zen-Promo system, users can choose between two payment options. Customers of the service can use VISA/MasterCard or PayPal.
In Instalex the same methods of purchasing goods are available. In addition to this, payment for services by cryptocurrency is being tested. For this we give the Instalex a point in the current criterion.

7. Speed of payment
Funds transferred by users as payment for services are processed equally quickly by both Instalex and Zen-Promo. This became possible because the services use the fastest payment platforms as the payment methods. The execution of user services on these resources begins immediately after the funds are received on the user's personal account. Payment operations are processed quickly, so we give Instalex and Zen-Promo one more point.

8. Availability of the mobile version
Both Instalex and Zen-Promo thoroughly approach the matter of compatibility with smartphones and tablets. Mobile versions of systems are quickly loaded even on those gadgets that are connected to a low-speed Internet network. For the possibility of carrying out an Instagram-promotion, even with the help of a smartphone, a point is given to the both compared services.

9. Support team work
To get in touch with the support team of Zen-Promo you will have to send your request through an email. On the website of the service there are no forms for accessing technical specialists of the platform, but the email address to submit your feedback is indicated.
In the case of Instalex, there is no such problem. A special form is opened on the service website, which you need to fill in to send your request to the service support team. Contacting tech support of Instalex is easier and faster, for which we give the resource one more point.

10. The program for home proxies
The essence of applications of this type is the maximum masking of the process of the Instagram-account promotion. Programs for home proxies are synchronized with the promotion of instablog, constantly registering new entries on your page through the address of your local Internet network. This makes it possible to secure the account from being blocked by Instagram for using third-party promotion services.
The program for home proxies is available to users of both systems compared today. But the application from Zen-Promo is not so effective. It provides protection of your page only by 80%, while the program from Instalex protects the account account from the ban up to 100%. The difference is obvious, is not it? For this Instalex also gets another point.

On this positive (and for some negative) note our comparison comes to an end. Now we proceed to the calculation of the points.
The points of the review are summed up, the result turned out in favor of the Instalex service. They won a victory in our today's comparison with the score 9:6.

Comparison result
What do we get as a result? The struggle between the two services was really stubborn: while Instalex managed to provide more extensive functionality and payment options, on the Zen-Promo side there were more moderate prices for promotion. And yet, at the end of the comparison, the winner was able to consolidate its position. It would seem that the outcome of the review was predetermined by not so much and significant details (convenient communication with technical support and a more efficient program for home proxies), but trifles very often solve much. Today's comparison only confirmed the fact that in order to be considered one of the best services of Instagram-promotion, it is necessary to take into account even the most minor aspects of the work of its platform. It is the attention to detail that brings Instalex another victory in our comparisons.
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