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Instalex vs. SocialDrift: the comparison of services
How about continuing our traditional rubric in which we compare Instagram promotion services?
Fortunately, we have got more than a worthy reason to do that - we have prepared a new review, in which we measured the strength of two resources from the sphere of Instagram promotion. You should have already guessed which service will take one side in the comparison - Instalex is again ready to clash in the confrontation. Its competitor today will be the SocialDrift platform, which mainly focuses on North American users who need to promote Instagram accounts. All the familiar criteria for comparison are in place, and therefore we begin the review according to the scheme we have already developed.

1. Easy signup and usability of the site
Luckily, we have not experienced any problems with the registration of new accounts in the compared systems. It took us a little more than 30 seconds to create them in Instalex and SocialDrift. It is a good indicator of the quality of the platforms under consideration.
The usability of the compared sites also deserves high marks. In general, both services in the first criterion proved to be at the proper level, for which they receive one point each.

2. Functionality of the system
But equality between the platforms did not last long. Right in the second comparison criterion Instalex took the lead. In the functionality of this service, you will find both the basic tools for working with an Instagram account (mass-liking, mass-following, unfollowing), as well as more advanced ones (automatic mailout to Direct, auto-commenter, comment-tracker, scheduling). SocialDrift cannot offer such a variety of functions. Its functionality is limited only by basic tools, which takes away from it the opportunity to get another point.

3. Filters for promotion
We have reached only the third criterion, and the gap between the compared services is already very noticeable. Instalex again wins an intermediate victory, getting another point. This is simple - the specified service offers its customers three times more filters for promotion than SocialDrift. We think you would agree with us about the decision for Instalex to be awarded with the next point.

4. Speed of service execution
The speed of promotion of Instagram accounts is almost the same in both compared systems. Promotion of your instablog passes quickly, but all the limits installed by Instagram remain observed. As a result, users of Instalex and SocialDrift get a quick promotion of their pages, and the services themselves are rewarded with one more point from us.

5. Cost of services
It would seem that a more limited range of functionality in SocialDrift should lead to the fact that the price for the service would be considerably lower than in Instalex. But everything turned out exactly the opposite way. If we sum up the prices for the use of similar services in these platforms, it turns out that you will spend less money with Instalex. Therefore, we give this service another point.

6. Payment options
And once again we have to recognize Instalex hegemony in this comparison point. You can pay for the tools of this service either with your bank card or through the most affordable payment system in the world - PayPal. Now take a look at the ways to buy services in SocialDrift. There are two times less options than in previously mentioned Instalex: the clients of this platform can only pay for the services of the system through bank cards. Obviously, this criterion is won by Instalex.

7. Speed of payment
The platforms participating in our today's review have no problems with this criterion of comparison. The funds of the users of the systems with which they top up their personal account in the services are processed as soon as possible. Due to this, the execution of services ordered by customers in Instalex and SocialDrift begins almost immediately after the payment of purchases. It seems that the moment has come when we need to award both platforms with points.

8. Availability of the mobile version
How good are the services considered today in terms of work on mobile devices? It turns out that both resources here demonstrate decent results. Mobile versions of Instalex and SocialDrift quickly adapt to any smartphone or tablet if you open the sites of these systems. This will allow platform users to customize the promotion of their accounts at any place and at any time. Therefore, we award both services with a point each.

9. Support team work
Any questions arising from users of Instalex and SocialDrift are resolved very quickly, as the technical support staff of both systems respond promptly to any customer request. In addition, it is very easy to contact the employees of the platforms - all the necessary forms for communication are presented on the resources' sites. It seems that again it is time for us to award both participants in the comparison at the same time.

10. The program for home proxies
The introduction of programs for home proxies in the functionality of services for Instagram promotion has began quite recently. Such applications greatly simplify the process of instablog promotion, making it safer and more "invisible". Of the two services compared today, only Instalex offers its clients a program for home proxies, for which it gets a score in the last criteria for today.

All criteria are analyzed, and therefore it is time for us to complete our review. There is only one thing left - to sum up all the points received by the services and announce the final score. Today's comparison is exactly the case when the numbers speak for themselves. Service Instalex won over SocialDrift with a crushing score of 10:5.

Comparison results
How else can you comment on the last review? We believe that the final score already reflects the whole story that was developing during the comparison. Instalex quickly took the initiative at the very start of the process and did not give it back on any of the criteria. Alas, SocialDrift didn't even have a chance at least to just reduce the gap, let alone speaking about the victory or the tie .
Instalex advantage remained unshakable throughout the comparison. For all key parameters (system functionality, promotion filters, cost of services and payment methods), the service convincingly took over. Moreover, none of the aspects of the review was won by SocialDrift alone - the resource only took points together with its opponent. Such an approach cannot bring victory, and therefore, the Instalex gain in the past comparison can be called completely expected.
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