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Instalex vs. Instato: comparison of services
Today we start a new rubric - comparison of Instalex service with similar projects. For the first review we take the Instato platform. Both of these platforms offer their clients a full set of all the ways of promotion on Instagram and promise a quick result in the promotion of your account.
The comparison is done according to the chosen list of criteria, each item from which you will see below. If any of the considered services is better than its competitor in the review in a separate characteristic, then it gets 1 point and its competitor gets 0 points. With equality in the criteria, both platforms receive points. On the total amount of points we determine the best service. Now we can proceed to the comparison.

Website usability
Both services are easy to load and work even on average devices with modest performance. Both Instalex and Instato are easy to use, and even a newbie can get hang of their functions. Both resources support multiple languages, due to what they can maximize their audience. For the convenience of working with the site, both services receive one point each.

Sign up
The sign up process is also pretty simple - both platforms ask you to specify the email address and password for your account. In Instato a new page is created via the "Log In" button.
Confirmation of registration is not required. Everything is fast and simple - again each project gets a point.

Promotion options
Instato gives its customers a standard set of services for promotion on Instagram. On the personal account page users can set up scheduled posting for their account, as well as activate the mass-liking, auto-subscription, auto-reply and autoreposting.
Instalex has the same functions, as well as the possibility of automatic dispatch via Direct. No point for Instato this time - its list of features is not so wide. The point goes to Instalex.

Each of these services provides the same trial period - 3 days.
Those who want to use the services of any of the analyzed projects on an ongoing basis will have to pay for that. Instalex offers the same price ($13 per month) for any of its services: promotion, mailing via Direct, working with comments and scheduled posting. In this case, you can attach to your only one account.
Instato offers another pricing option. You get 33% discount if you purchase an annual subscription to the service.
The cheapest Instato package costs $ 29.95. In this case, the client gets with a full range of project services. All Instalex services cost $54, but you have 1 option more (mailing via Direct). Thus, the promotion of one account is the same in both services. In this criterion, both projects receive a point. Instalex takes points for the opportunity to purchase individual options, while Instato - for the option to connect multiple accounts to one page.

Payment methods
In this criterion, differences are pretty noticeable. Instalex allows you to pay for your services with Visa and MasterCard, and via WebMoney and QIWI payment systems. In addition, users can buy selected products using bitcoin. Instato payment methods are limited - this service accepts only credit cards. The advantage of Instalex in this criterion is obvious, so the point goes to this project.

Speed of payment
Differences in the speed of payment directly depend on the options for transferring funds indicated above. The crediting of money to your account in Instato takes longer, because the system takes time to process the transaction from the bank. At the same time, you can speed up the money transfer in Instalex if you use the option of topping up the account through payment systems. Instalex gets a point for the speed of payment for purchases.

Functionality of the system
It may seem that if the set of options for promotion is almost the same, then the functionality of the systems for the services should be similar, but this is not the case. Instalex has an obvious advantage over its competitor. It has the opportunity to promote your Instagram service with the help of geographical marks. Due to this, the system works only with the audience that resides in the specified region or location. Instato cannot boast of such a feature, which means that the promotion with it may not be successful enough. As you understand, the point again goes to Instalex.

Mobile version
In this criterion, both projects are equal. Mobile version of Instalex works equally well in any browser on any gadget. The same is for Instato. For this characteristic, both participants receive a point.

Technical Support
Both services are equally good here. Technical support staff of Instato and Instalex can quickly and efficiently solve all the tasks assigned to them. Both projects deserve a point.

Speed of service execution
Promotion through Instalex and Instato is conducted 24/7. All the tasks are performed at approximately the same time. There is no leader in this criterion - both services receive a point.

Calculation of results
Thus it turns out that Instalex wins in this review - the final score of 10:6 in its favor.

The result of comparison
In the end, it should be noted that Instato is definitely a good service. Yes, it is convenient, offers good discounts and all the necessary options for promotion in Instagram, but it cannot beat Instalex. That is why the final results given in the table above can be called objective and real.
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