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Instalex vs. Instaswell: the comparison of services
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The weekend is already here, which means that it's time for us to publish a new comparison of the services for promotion on Instagram. One of the main roles in the review is firmly kept by Instalex, which this time will be measured with the online resource Instaswell. According to the creators of this platform, for five years of its work they have managed to unleash and boost more than one hundred thousand Instagram accounts and to gain impressive and second to none experience in the field of promotion on Instagram. Did this make Instaswell the ideal service for promotion of instablogs? We will learn this by comparing it with Instalex according to the traditional ten criteria.

1. Easy signup and usability of the site
Let's start from the very beginning - the process of creating a new account in the system. On both platforms compared today, no problems are observed. In Instaswell, registration is not even available: it's enough just to log in to the system by using your Instagram account. In terms of usability, both services also show decent results. You can master all the features of Instalex and Instaswell systems in just a few minutes, having studied the capabilities of these platforms. For this, we give both resources a point at a time.

2. Functionality of the system
Well, according to this criterion equality is not observed. The functional capabilities of the compared systems are way too different. While Instaswell offers its customers only a standard set of working options (mass-liking and mass-following / unfollowing), Instalex users get much more options for promoting their Instagram accounts (for example, scheduled posting, sending messages to Direct, auto-commenting). Therefore, it is obvious that this time only one service receives a point.

3. Filters for promotion
Again Instalex is ahead of its competitor. How did it win another point? It's very simple - just look at the list of Instaswell filters, in which there are only three options for setting up the promotion. Yeah, the choice leaves much to be desired. Selection of advance filters in Instalex is much wider. Customers of this service have more than a dozen options with which you can configure the promotion of your Instagram account. This brings the service one more point in the current comparison.

4. Speed of service execution
This time, the leader in the next criteria could not be identified. This is all because both of the compared services are promoting Instagram accounts at extremely high speed. At the same time, they respect the limits for the promotion of instablogs, which allows you to save user accounts from being blocked by the administration of Instagram. Due to the fact that in the current aspect of the comparison between Instalex and Instaswell, equality is observed, then both platforms receive one point each.

5. Cost of services
At first it may seem that the prices for a subscription to Instaswell are much lower than at Instalex. Moreover, this service offers a free version of its system, but it provides too limited opportunities for promotion. But if you compare a similar package of services in both of the platforms, it becomes clear that the value of goods in Instalex is lower than in Instaswell ($ 13 versus $ 15 per month). As you might have guessed, this time only one resource gets a point.

6. Payment options
And now it's time for Instaswell to shine. The sixth criterion of our comparison is won by this service. Users of this platform can leverage a wider choice of payment instruments than Instalex clients. Still, in both services we are considering today you can easily pay for the services you need, but in Instaswell it will be possible to do this with a larger number of payment instruments. For this we are obliged to award the service with a deserved point.

7. Speed of payment
This time points will be received by both Instalex and Instaswell. Due to the fact that both services use only modern and fast-functioning payment systems for payment processing, the funds transferred by users as a subscription fee for resources are processed as quickly as possible. This allows you to proceed to the execution of orders almost immediately after you pay for the necessary services to promote your Instagram accounts.

8. Availability of the mobile version
Claiming that using Instalex or Instaswell on mobile devices is not convenient will not work even for those who try hard proving it. Both resources have created special versions of their sites that load fast and easy on smartphones or tablets. Mobile platforms are quickly opened even on gadgets with not the most powerful technical characteristics. This means that you can promote your Instagram accounts through Instalex and Instaswell even with your smartphone. For this criterion, both services again deserve to get one point each.

9. Support team work
If there are problems with the use of Instalex or Instaswell systems, the clients of these services can contact the employees of these resources. The work of the technical support services of the platforms is efficiently adjusted and balanced. User requests are processed exactly within the specified time, after which any problems associated with the use of resources are resolved very quickly. There are no inaccuracies in this aspect either with Instalex or Instaswell, so they both get a point.

10. The program for home proxies
So far, for ordinary users, this criterion has little to say. Let's briefly talk about the essence of the program for home proxies. It is installed on your computer or gadget and masks the very process of promotion of the Instagram account using the Internet address of your home network. This allows you to completely hide the ongoing progress from Instagram systems and minimize the risk of blocking your instablogs for using third-party services. Among the two services compared today, the program for home proxies is available in the Instalex arsenal only. It works consistently and fulfills all the above mentioned tasks. Alas, Instaswell clients cannot use such an application because of its lack of functionality in the service. Therefore, we only give a point to Instalex.

So, today's review has come to an end. As usual, we end the comparison by counting the total points. You can see the result with your own eyes. With a score of 9:6, Instalex won over the Instaswell platform.

Comparison results
There wasn't any particularly hot struggle between the participants of the comparison. Despite the fact that the gap in three points cannot be called catastrophic, Instaswell did not even have the prerequisites for it to win back. Meanwhile, Instalex was able to easily get another victory. Our service was able to win thanks to its top-notch advantages. A wide range of functions, more diverse promotion filters, affordable prices and the security of the promotion process - these are the aspects that distinguish truly high-quality platforms for promotion on Instagram. Instalex is deservedly a part of this cohort of services, and therefore permanent victories in our comparisons section can be considered a statement of the high level of work of our platform.
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