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Instalex vs. Instarocket: the comparison of services
Let's have another comparison and identify the leader.
Our traditional rubric, in which we compare services for Instagram promotion is up and running. Today we will compare the two online platforms. The first one is the Instalex project, as usual, and the second one is Instarocket, a Ukrainian resource aimed at promotion of Instagram accounts on the local market, as well as offering its services to foreign users. The comparison criteria remain the same, so we no longer spend a second on explaining the conditions and go straight to the review.

1. Easy signup and usability of the site
The e-mail address, login and desired password - that's all you need to specify for registration in Instalex and Instarocket systems. It will take you not more than a minute to create a new account in services. After that you will be able to add your blog and start its promotion.
The usability of the platforms under consideration can also be assessed as of very high quality. In the Instalex and Instarocket systems there is nothing complicated, all presented functions are explained in detail and can be quickly understood by users. Therefore, we can give a point to each of the services for the first criterion of comparison.

2. Functionality of the system
A this point the advantage is on the side of Instalex. The reason for this is the extended functionality of the service. While in Instarocket you find the most standard set of options for promotion of an Instagram account (e.g. mass-mailing, mass-following, unfollowing, auto-posting and auto-commenting), Instalex has additional features (e.g. comment-tracker, sending messages to Direct), which bring even more benefit to the customers and result in better promotion on Instagram. Therefore, for advanced functionality, we can give a point only to one service.

3. Filters for promotion
The arsenal of promotion filters, presented in Instarocket, is very small. Users of the service can have quite a limited set of settings for the promotion of their Instagram accounts.
In Instalex, the situation with the promotion filters is much better. Users of the platform can customize the promotion of their instablogs with a dozen of different options. Because of this, another point is added to the Instalex scorecard.

4. Speed of service execution
And here we again see another equality between the compared services. The services presented in the Instalex and Instarocket systems are performed promptly, but with all the current limits for promotion in Instagram. This means that your account in any of the mentioned services will be promoted quickly and without the risk of being blocked. For this we will give a point immediately to each of the two platforms participating in today's comparison.

5. Cost of services
This criterion brings Instarocket the first interim victory in the current review. Prices in this service are lower than those of the same services in Instalex. For one payment you can activate all functionality at once, and not just a separate service. As you understand, for this we can not fail to give Instarocket its deserved point.

6. Payment options
You can pay in the Instarocket system without much difficulty, but the payment functionality on this platform is somewhat limited. The set of methods is standard - bank cards and the international money transfer system PayPal.
The same payment options are available to Instalex users. At the moment, we are also testing the option to top up the balance in the system with the help of cryptocurrency. So, the reason why we gave a score according to the current criterion to Instalex is obvious.

7. Speed of payment
The speed of transfer of funds to Instalex and Instarocket is kept at a high level. Services ordered by users of services begin to be executed almost immediately after they are paid for. This speed is achieved due to the use of modern payment systems that are characterized by well-coordinated work and high speed. Therefore, in this criterion, it is a tie between the compared services and give each of them a point.

8. Availability of the mobile version
Testing both resources considered today, we could not ignore the fact that both Instalex and Instarocket have mobile versions of their platforms. This greatly simplified the work with services for those who are often far from the computer and do not have the ability to quickly open a browser with the project's site. To use Instalex and Instarocket, you just need to arm yourself with a smartphone or tablet, open a resource site on your gadget and order any necessary services to promote your instagram account. For the qualitatively done work on creating mobile versions of their systems on a score, both services receive a point.

9. Support team work
Communication with the technical support of the analyzed resources is carried out quickly. Instalex and Instarocket customers are offered several options for communication with the platform representatives. Employees of technical support services respond to client requests in a short time and help to solve any incoming issues from users. As you know, this is enough to ensure that one point again is received by each of the compared service.

10. The program for home proxies
The program for improving the Instagram promotion by using the addresses of your home Internet network is one of the trends of 2018 in the market of promotion on Instagram. With the help of it, you will be able to promote your instablog more safely. The program for home proxies remembers the address of your local Internet network and uses it for further promotion of your page in Instagram. This allows you to reduce the risk of blocking your instagram account for using third-party services.
The program for home users is already available for the clients of the Instalex service. Instarocket users have so far been deprived of such luxury. Alas, but in the final criterion of our comparison, it will not be possible to give a point to both services. The point goes to the Instalex scorecard.
This is the finish line of our comparison. Now it's time to calculate the points received by the services. As a result, the Instalex service is the winner of the comparison. The final score is 9:6 in its favor.

Comparison result
Well, another comparison proves Instalex to be the winner. Despite a fairly confident victory in comparison, we cannot call Instarocket a poor-quality service of Instagram-promotion. On the contrary, it was quite convenient to work with it: the platform has a great website, a standard set of products for promotion of instablogs, affordable prices and well thought-out user manuals for novice customers. But taking into account all features Instalex still won in comparison. The secret of such success does not change from a review to a review - enhanced functionality, a variety of filters and the availability of a special program for home proxies. All these advantages bring the service victory after victory. But who knows, maybe the next comparison will be particularly tough. You will learn about it next week.
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