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Instalex vs. Instabow: the comparison of services
Yes, you are right, it's a new comparison.
We keep comparing services for Instagram promotion in our regular rubric. Today is the day when we are ready to introduce you to a new comparative review. Something in it remains the same - in one of the roles we still have Instalex online service. But the role of its opponent in comparison is constantly changing from platform to platform. Now it's time for Instabow online service to compete with Instalex. Both of these systems specialize in the automation of work with instagram accounts and their versatile promotion. This means that the comparison of the platforms will be correct, because they belong to the same field of activity. Therefore, we take our usual criteria as a basis and proceed to the review.

1. Easy signup and usability of the site
The beginning of the comparison is traditional - we review the registration process in the compared systems. This time it is equally convenient on both platforms. Yes, in Instabow you will need to provide more information when creating an account, but it will take you less than a minute to register in the system.
The usability of both Instalex and Instabow is on a high level. The ease of use of services allows you to quickly integrate them with your Instagram accounts and promptly launch their promotion. To sum up, according to the first criterion, we consider it necessary to give a point to both services.

2. Functionality of the system
Starting with the second comparison criterion, the Instalex service begins to show advantage. Despite the fact that the functionality of Instabow is very wide and allows you to comprehensively and efficiently promote Instagram accounts, its capabilities are not as varied as Instalex's ones. Some options (for example, comment tracker) are present only in the Instalex system. The broader functionality brings a point to this service.

3. Filters for promotion
In the previous criteria Instalex was the leader, and now it is strengthening its position. This is because of the greater variety of promotion filters presented on this service. Instabow is significantly inferior in this criteria, and therefore again remains without a score. Instalex earns one more point.

4. Speed of service execution
Despite the fact that the services analyzed today work at extremely high speeds, the limits of Instagram promotion are not violated by them. Promotion of accounts takes place quickly and follows all the rules: the system algorithms do not recognize abnormal activity of the pages promoted. For the high speed of implementation of the services ordered by users, we award both Instalex and Instabow with one point at the same time.

5. Cost of services
Instabow is not going to give up - the service manages to keep up in this comparison due to lower prices for the promotion of Instagram accounts. At the same time, this system has a slightly different system of buying goods compared to Instalex: platform users pay for all the functionality, and not just its individual options. At this time, it is not surprising that Instabow gets its well-deserved point.

6. Payment options
We reach equality - now in the question of how to pay for services of compared platforms. Instalex and Instabow offer their customers the same set of payment instruments: bank transfers through VISA and MasterCard systems, as well as PayPal service. This is quite enough not only for the convenience of topping up user accounts, but also for one more point for both services.

7. Speed of payment
Due to the fact that both platforms considered today use modern and multifunctional payment systems to pay for customer orders, the transfer of funds to Instalex and Instabow takes place at the highest possible speed. This allows the systems to spend just a little time to confirm acceptance of payments and immediately proceed to the promotion ordered by customers. It gives us the right to give points to two services at once.

8. Availability of the mobile version
If you need to engage in the promotion of your Instagram account, but for some reason it is impossible to get to the computer, then Instalex and Instabow are the best solutions to your problems. These services have long acquired high-quality mobile versions of their sites, which gives their users the opportunity to promote their Instagram pages anywhere and anytime if they have a device with Internet access. Therefore, we have decided to give each project a point again.

9. Support team work
We also learnt more about the work of Instalex and Instabow technical support staff. It turned out that the support teams of these services are working at the same high level. User requests are processed in a timely manner, and it's easy to send a request to tech support. In Instalex, there is a special form for this, posted on the platform's website, and in Instabow there is a special window open for communication with project representatives. And this time, we believe that both services deserve one more point.

10. The program for home proxies
How to understand that working with the Instagram promotion service will be safe for your instablog? Just look at its functionality - it should contain a special program for home proxies. It allows you to increase the security of the ongoing promotion of the Instagram account and eliminate the risk of blocking the page for using third-party services to promote.
A similar program is present in the functionality of the Instalex platform. This means that using its services will be risk-free of getting a ban for your Instagram page. In Instabow, such an application has not yet been developed. For this reason, the last criterion of the current comparison is only won by Instalex.

The comparison between Instalex and Instabow is complete. One more thing is left - to calculate the points received by the services. The sum of points identified the victory of Instalex. Another comparison was won by this service with a final score of 9:7.

Comparison results
We will remember today's review as a battle between two worthy rivals. Yes, it may seem that Instabow's final lag from Instalex is quite serious - two points usually demonstrate a significant difference between services. But it suffices to recall that the intrigue in the review was held to the last. Instabow could win, but the last criterion didn't bring any points to it.
In general, we recognize that both services compared today have shown themselves from the best side. Although Instabow lost in such important criteria as system functionality and promotion filters, by these parameters the service is much better than those that competed with Instalex in previous reviews. And in terms of the cost of services, this platform leaves the best impressions. Therefore the victory in the comparison is so valuable for Instalex, because Instabow was a really powerful opponent.

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