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Instalex vs. Gramista: the comparison of services
A new week, a new comparison.
What has a new week prepared for us? Everything is stable - it again has got for us one more comparison of promotion services for Instagram. Again the online platform Instalex will participate in the review. And the role of its opponent at this time will be taken by the service Gramista. Both services work in the same field - they are engaged in professional promotion of Instagram accounts and help to facilitate their maintenance. We still have the same criteria for comparison, so let's begin our review.

1. Easy signup and usability of the site
Work with platforms begins with the registration on them. To do this, you will have to go through a quick procedure for specifying the necessary information, after which your accounts in the systems under consideration will be created and ready for work. The registration takes less than a minute - in this regard there are no problems in the analyzed services.
Using the resources' sites is very convenient. All the contents of the Instalex and Gramista web pages are displayed correctly, the service options can be quickly found. For this, both platforms receive one point each.

2. Functionality of the system
From the second criterion, Instalex outgoes Gramista in our comparison. The reason for this is a wider range of functional service options. They make it possible to promote Instagram accounts with the help of mass-following, mass-liking, sending messages to Direct and automatic commenting. The functionality of Gramista cannot boast such a variety of options. Its users can work only with mass-following and mass-liking. That is why, this time only the Instalex earns a point.

3. Filters for promotion
The list of promotion filters, with which you can customize the promotion of Instagram accounts, is approximately the same for both services compared today. Search for the target audience can be carried out on several different parameters (geotargeting, age and sex choice, hashtag-targeting). If necessary, users have the opportunity to adjust the time intervals during which the services will promote their instablogs. Based on everything listed above, for this criterion we award both Instalex and Gramista with a point each.

4. Speed of service execution
In the functionality of both services in question, there is an option to reduce or increase the speed of promotion of Instagram accounts. This is done in order to adapt the promotion to the needs of the client and not exceed the limits for the likes and followers that are installed in Instagram. Still, even if you promote instablogos through Instalex or Gramista at the highest available speeds, you are safe from being banned. For the high speed of services, which still fit into the limits of the social network, we give points to both systems.

5. Cost of services
Another point of comparison remains after Instalex. When analyzing the prices of the services of the two systems participating in today's survey, it becomes obvious that the cost of Gramista services is three times higher than the price tag for similar services from its opponent. The reason for this difference in price is unknown, but we will not go into a deep investigation - let's just recognize the advantage of Instalex in this aspect and give it a score.

6. Payment options
On the sites of the systems under consideration, you can see the list of payment options for the services. Both Instalex and Gramista support the option to top up user accounts via bank cards and with the help of the PayPal payment system. You can pay in such ways quickly and safely and this gives us the opportunity to grant points to two platforms at a time.

7. Speed of payment
Due to the fact that both Instalex and Gramista use the services of operatively functioning payment systems, the speed of payment for these services is steadily high. Confirmation of the money transfer takes place as soon as possible - almost immediately after the purchase is processed. Right after that the services ordered by users begin to be executed by the systems. High speed of payment not only allows Instalex and Gramista to quickly proceed to the execution of client orders, but also brings them the points in our comparison.

8. Availability of the mobile version
Here we see equality again - this time in the work of mobile versions of the resources compared today. You can use Instalex and Gramista on your smartphone and on the tablet. Mobile versions of these platforms are quickly loaded on any gadgets, which allows you to launch the promotion of your instagram account and configure its promotion anywhere and anytime. As you might have already understood, Instalex and Gramista are keeping up with the progress pace by improving their systems and adapting them for use on all devices. This gives us the right to reward them with the next points.

9. Support team work
When testing the work of the technical support teams of today's compared services, we did not find any critical differences in the quality between them. First of all, it is convenient to reach out and submit a request to the services' support teams: simply fill out the special forms that are placed on the platforms' websites. Secondly, the employees of Instalex and Gramista communicate with clients in the shortest possible time, which helps to quickly solve any problems related to the operation of the services. Therefore, in this aspect of comparison, we agree on the equality of the platforms analyzed and give them one point each.

10. The program for home proxies
Account security is one of the main aspects of the promotion. When promoting your instablog it is important to protect it from any possible blocks, which can happen due to the use of third-party services. This problem can be solved by a special program for home proxies. It masks the inputs to the page being promoted using the address of the user's home Internet network.
You can find the program for home proxies in the functionality of the Instalex service. This means that the promotion of Instagram accounts through this platform will be more stable and safer, and the risk of locking the promoted page will be reduced to zero. In the list of functionality of the Gramista resource, such a program could not be found. This is the reason that only Instalex is awarded with a point for the last criterion of today's comparative review.

Our comparison is complete. Now we can go to the simplest part of it - the calculation of points. The result of our review is right in front of you - Instalex has passed it without losses and came out as the winner with a score of 10:7.

Comparison results
This time, there was not a struggle between the services. Instalex consistently was earning points in each criterion and did not give a chance to Gramista to win back. With each new comparison point, the gap between the platforms did not decrease, but only increased. It is possible that in the future Gramista will be able to approach the quality of services and the cost of using Instalex, but this has not yet been achieved. Therefore, we recognize that one more resource turned out to be not so qualitative in comparison with our platform for promotion in Instagram.
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