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Instalex vs. FollowLiker: the comparison of services
Here is a new comparison.
The weekend has come, which means the time has come to publish a new article in our regular rubric. Right, we are talking about a series of articles in which we compare services that promote Instagram accounts. There are always two of them in our reviews, one of which is known in advance - this is the Instalex online platform. Its rivals change every week. The opponent of Instalex in this review is the project FollowLiker. At first glance, this service looks pretty promising and ambitious: on its website you can see that this system is considered to be the best tool for Instagram promotion from those that are already on the market. Perhaps we need to quickly verify if it's true or false.

1. Easy signup and usability of the site
Creating a new account in the compared systems is quick and easy. In Instalex, you only need to enter your email address, as well as come up with a username and password for your account. FollowLiker clients can limit themselves to simply linking their Instagram account to the platform.
Still, already in terms of system usability, these services are unequal. To work with FollowLiker, you need to download and install a special program on your PC or Mac that will work with your instablog only when your computer is turned on. Interacting with Instalex is easier, because this system works in the online mode and does not require you to install any applications for Instagram promotion. For this, we give a point to Instalex.

2. Functionality of the system
At the very start of the comparison, Instalex shows great results by winning the first two criteria at once. Yes, one more point goes to the service for wider functionality. There are quite a lot effective tools for Instagram promotion in FollowLiker, but some options (comment tracker, messages to Direct) are available only in Instalex. Obviously, our decision about the distribution of points in this criterion is justified.

3. Filters for promotion
Comparing the two services for the specified criterion, we concluded that they are approximately equal in it. The set of filters for promotion, presented in Instalex and FollowLiker, is almost the same, which allows you to more accurately customize the process of promotion of any Instagram account. This gives us the right to give points to both platforms this time.

4. Speed of service execution
There were no particular differences between Instalex and FollowLiker in this aspect of comparison. Promotion of accounts to Instagram through these systems is carried out as quickly as possible and without exceeding the current limits on the promotion of instablogs. Is it not enough to give the services one more point each?

5. Cost of services
FollowLiker still managed to slightly reduce the gap in the review. Prices for services of this platform are kept at a lower level than the cost of promotion Instagram accounts in Instalex. By subscribing to a FollowLiker for a longer period, the client is also granted a substantial discount on working with the system. All these advantages bring the project the first solo earned point in today's comparison.

6. Payment options
And we return to equality in the criteria again. Payment methods for services in Instalex and FollowLiker are similar: users can top up their accounts through their bank cards or PayPal. In short, the points go to the piggy banks of both platforms.

7. Speed of payment
Due to the fact that both Instalex and FollowLiker use promptly working payment systems, the transfer of user funds in these services takes place as soon as possible. Clients of resources are able to quickly move from paying the fee for the use of project functions directly to the promotion of their instablogs. Both services are again awarded with one point each at the same time.

8. Availability of the mobile version
Instalex and FollowLiker sites quickly load on any smartphones and tablets due to the presence of a special mobile version of these resources. However, working on the promotion of their Instagram accounts through both these platforms using gadgets will not work. You will spot no issues with using Instalex on mobile devices, while FollowLiker app can only be installed on computers. It is clear that only one review participant will receive a point in this criterion.

9. Support team work
If you experience any problems while working with Instalex or FollowLiker, we advise you to immediately contact the platform's technical support services. First, you can make a request to the representatives of the services by filling out a special feedback form on the sites of the systems. After that the project staffs will quickly respond to you and help solve any problems with service orders. That's why both of these services deserve to get a score for the current criterion.

10. The program for home proxies
The programs for home proxies strengthen the feature list of the most advanced Instagram promotion services today. Their use eliminates the risk of blocking a promoted account, making this process completely disguised. When analyzing the platforms participating in the current review, it turned out that only the Instalex service has an application of this plan in the functionality. This brings it another point in today's comparison.

This is where our comparison ends. All the above criteria are considered and here's little left to do: we need to sum up all the points that we gave to the participants of this review.
The final score is very convincing. Service Instalex was able to win another victory in comparison, beating the FollowLiker platform with a score of 9:6.

Comparison results
It is not for the first time in our comparison rubric that Instalex service is confronted with special programs for Instagram promotion. The FollowLiker platform is one of the specified group of applications. Compared with its counterparts, that previously participated in our reviews, it managed to prove itself as a reliable option, but even this was not enough for a general victory over its opponent.
We once again draw attention to the fact that today the primacy in the promotion of Instagram accounts belongs to online services. PC or Mac programs operating in the same field are gradually losing their relevance. They are not so easy to use, and the functionality of such applications is often very limited. The result of this review only confirms the above mentioned statement. At the same time, it vividly demonstrates that another Instalex competitor could not stand the comparison with it.
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