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Instalex vs. Autoinsta: the comparison of services
One more comparison has already been published.
We are pleased to present you a new comparison, continuing the cycle of publications of our regular rubric. The series of services participating in our reviews goes on and for now does not seem to end. Today, we traditionally take two resources to compare. About one of them, the online service Instalex, you probably already know something. The other role in the current review will be taken by the Autoinsta platform. Both projects operate in the same field - they help promoting Instagram accounts. After analyzing these services according to our standard criteria, we will find out which of them is the best.

1. Easy signup and usability of the site
Let us note one important fact right at the very start - in order to work correctly with Autoinsta you will need to install a special extension for Chrome. On the one hand, this may seem convenient - you will not need to register on the network, it will be enough to specify your login details on your Instagram account. But there are no more pros. It is possible to work with Autoinsta only at a computer (either Windows or MacOS must be installed on it), and account promotion is carried out only while the device is turned on for the extension installed to keep working. To sum up, all these factors do not give us the right to give points to both services - only Instalex receives a point.

2. Functionality of the system
In terms of functionality, the compared services are also different. Autoinsta is able to offer a basic set of tools for promotion - mass-following, unfollowing and mass-liking. The same options are also present in the Instalex functionality, but in this system they are also complemented by auto-linking, auto-commenting, auto-posting and the comment tracker. The difference in functionality of the platforms is obvious. For this reason, we again give Instalex a point.

3. Filters for promotion
The gap between the services increases with each new criterion. Instalex earns one more point, because it supports three times as many promotion filters as compared to Autoinsta. It seems that already at the very beginning of the review, with a probability of 99%, we can name the name the winner.

4. Speed of service execution
In this criterion we have not managed to determine the strongest rival. Both Instalex and Autoinsta promote Instagram accounts and perform services ordered by customers at the highest possible speed. It seems that this time we state an intermediate tie and give the points to the two platforms at once.

5. Cost of services
When it began to seem that Autoinsta would not be able to reduce such a lag in the review, this service was able to win back one point. The whole thing is in the cost of services. Although the functionality of this system is limited, the price is appropriate. For this we will grant one point to the platform.

6. Payment options
The advantage didn't last long. Autoinsta again loses and lets its opponent widen the gap between them. The thing is that the Autoinsta service is integrated with only one payment system - PayPal. Instalex also supports the specified payment method, and also offers users to top up their accounts with the help of credit cards. We think these differences are enough for only one service to receive a point again.

7. Speed of payment
For the second time in this comparison, we can say that at certain points the platforms under consideration are equal. In terms of the speed at which users' payments are processed, both Instalex and Autoinsta can boast considerable advantages. The services promptly accept funds received from their users, which gives us the right to give both platforms one more point each.

8. Availability of the mobile version
Sites of both systems are equipped with well-thought out mobile versions, which makes it possible to open them on any smartphones and tablets. But promotion of your Instagram account through these gadgets can be carried out only in Instalex. As we have already noted, Autoinsta works only on computers, because this service requires the installation of a special browser extension. On mobile devices, it does not work. That is why the point for the current criterion can only be given to Instalex.

9. Support team work
Again, Autoinsta is an outsider. This is due to the fact that communication with the technical support of the platform takes a long time and is pretty inconvenient. To contact the platform staff, you will have to write an email to the address indicated on their website. Instalex offers simpler ways to communicate. Users of the platform need only fill out a special form on the site of the system. This allows Instalex to get hold of another point.

10. The program for home proxies
If you have the program of the specified type in the functionality of the Instagram promotion service you save the instablog promotion from any possible blockages and mask the entries on the page under the Internet address of your home network. Of the two platforms considered today, the application for home proxies is offered to its customers by only one platform - Instalex. This brings it another point.

We are really close to the final results of the current review. We have already made the comparison itself, and finally we need to calculate the points that the services compared today have received. However, you might have already guessed who will be the winner in this competition. Instalex earned another victory, beating Autoinsta with a score of 9:3.

Comparison results
It seems that everything in this comparison was clear from the very beginning. Instalex immediately took the lead in key points of the review and was inly increasing the gap. It can be assumed that Autoinsta had a hypothetical chance of taking over, but for this service it was necessary to demonstrate its strengths, which still faded when compared with the advantages of Instalex.
Perhaps, the past comparative review can be called another statement of the fact that online services for promoting accounts on Instagram significantly exceed the specialized programs of the same plan. Their advantages are noticeable in everything: in terms of ease of use, and in the area of functionality, and in the safety of the promotion. Instalex once again showed that it can truly be called a high-quality and efficient tool for Instagram promotion. Well, Autoinsta only confirmed the obvious fact - the time of special programs that help in the promotion of Instagram accounts has hopelessly passed. The final score of today's comparison clearly showed the veracity of these two statements.

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