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Instagram stories in the newsline
Something new about the Stories
Updates of the such beloved social network like Instagram is do not cease to please users! Intsgram developers tirelessly try to make Instagram even more convenient and colorful.

And it's very pleasant to all of us, even if that new functions were borrowed (read copied) from the same popular mobile application Snapchat.

But in a short time, the users amount of Instagram has increased significantly and now it comes to as much as 600 million active users!

About the stories in Instagram, we have mentioned in more than one article, but today we have even more pleasant news on this topic.

Instagram Stories, or simply stories, or insta-stories - as you prefer better, can now be viewed directly in the newsline, "flipping" the posts of those people you are followed to.

Please note that now we are not talking about those colored circles at the very top of the newsline!

We have become accustomed to these things for a long time!

Now, when you scroll your home page, you can see a bright circle of Insta-stories around the photo of those users who have new stories that you have not yet seen.

Clicking on the bright circle of storis, you can contemplate the moments that your friends share directly from the photo galery, immeditely.

After viewing the story, you will automatically return back to the news feed and you can continue to view the publications from the profiles you are subscribed to.

The purpose of the last update of Instagrams is to simplify the stories viewing and help users to navigate more easily in the tape without unnecessary jumping from one page to another.

Instagram continue hard working to make its service more and more comfortable, as we are working to make your followers ammount, busines and sales growth!

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