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Instagram Shuts Down Instagram Bot Services!
4 services more for automated promotion into Instagram after Instagress finished their activity. We're trying to figure out the issue and understand what's coming next.
On April 20, the Western world of SMM was shocked by news about the closure of the largest service for automated promotion in Instagram - Instagress.

In RUS-net this event was not discussed so much. Several posts in profile communities and a bit of panic in private chats. Someone began to predict the near closure of other services and the death of spam in Instagram, someone connected the closure of Instagress with violation of rights to the trade mark Insta.


The story would have gone to nothing, but on May 12 it became known that four other services for promotion and deferred posting in Instagram - (version for the Western market), Massplanner, Fanharvest, Peerboost were closed immediately.

This story is more serious and has a few strange moments.

The first oddity — almost identical text on each closed service.

No comments, no details. We just closed, for all questions write on e-mail.

When you close Instagress service clearly wrote about the reasons in his twitter profile, "We are closed on the request of Instagram". Godzilla steep and not comfortable with voice input inserted. Now, any comments from the administration services could not be obtained. But we have a letter that probably got closed resources. This so-called letter CD (Cease and desist). In short - it's a requirement of immediate close, with sharing all the information about clients and services.

We think, such requirements seem to be violating laws, but we're not lawyers — do not presume to assert. Also unclear is the author of the letter. It is possible that someone is very unfortunate joke or decided to cover competitors, because to replace the domain the mail no problem.

The second oddity — the requirements of the NDA.

All the representatives of the private resources are silent Recalling the requirements to disclose information.

The conclusion is that between the parties the transaction occurred.

One of the options, Instagram could simply buy the closed services and stop them working. Sounds crazy, but why not?


Chief, all is lost...

One of the working options, discussing in the chat rooms of owners of the Russian services for the promotion in Instagram — all simply intimidated. Like, guys, we know about you, you're bad and here's a letter for you.

All closed resources have in common that they worked for the US market, under the jurisdiction of local laws. Accordingly, the paperwork for Instagram is not a big problem.

Conclusion: the Russian-speaking users have nothing to fear, rather the Instagram block on the territory of the Russian Federation for the failure of the law on personal data retention, than he will be able to sue in domestic courts for local companies.

By the way, American SMM considering Russia and the Russian services as the salvation of the situation.

Another theory, - Instagram (Facebook), keep track of all due to the fact that the guys used the official target in their network. Or receive payment via PayPal. Do not use a target and you will be happy On the Western forums slips stuffing information from the category of "I know a man who is familiar with the lady from Facebook who heard what Facebook intends to do away with all the big players in the market of automated promotion in Instagram".

And in the next couple of weeks we will have lots of closures. What if they were closed for the use of registered trademarks Instagram? "Insta", the icons and all that?

At the same time, the app stores from Apple and Android, live hundreds, if not thousands, of applications to cheat likes simple ML/MF and stuff.


It looks very strange that Instagram for many years allowed a relatively trouble-free exist many services with bots and MF/ML, but only in April 2017 they were seriously engaged in their lock. In winter, the representatives of Facebook were making a statement about the fact that Instagram will not have the option of targeting, which aims to attract subscribers, similar to Facebook.

Now in many forums and correspondence of rumors about the possible emergence of a new kind of targeting is to attract subscribers to your account. Rumors or not, time will judge.

However, this reason seems the logical explanation of things happening outrages.


Instaplus temporarily suspended the registration of new users in their system. All existing accounts were working with no any problems. However, when you try to extend the access occurs a nasty bug.

Does this mean that Instaplus simply allow all to modify within the purchased fares and then closes? I hope not.

Following the kick — Likeoff, exchange for scores of likes from accounts regarding living. It is already the second day with a plug about the "renewal and speedy recovery", but neither yesterday nor today service never came to life.

Judging by the chat in Telegram with the discussion Tooligram, the service is also very heavy seas. There is information that they have connectivity issues experienced (and perhaps now) to 80% operating accounts. According to the representative One Million Likes, they have either bypassed to new restrictions or make it in the next couple of days.

Subtotal the Picture is dreary. Could all this mean the beginning of the end of the mass following in Instagram? Definitely not.

Likely to hit major Western resources the same fate befall part of the domestic services, but without fundamental change in the API, without draconian measures on software Instagram, ML/MF and not die. Already hundreds, if not thousands, of "home" botowares were written and, if necessary, will be written.

Concluding this topic, we can say one thing: the market will soon have only one working service that will be able to give its users all that is necessary to promote the instagram accounts - try the Instalex service for free and see for yourself!

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