Alexander metelev
Instagram new comments design
Be happey if you already have, stanby waiting if no!
So far users have the possibility to reply and like comments on Instagram! Instagram proposes this new feature to make usres provide personal comments and answers to them easier.

Instagram's new commenting design which was implemented for some users, looks quite similar to Facebook and other social networks comments, but actually it doesn't work in the similiar manner. instagram included the new "reply" button. This made easier and more intuitive to reply to comments, but comments are not threaded like Facebook comments are for the curent moment.

To like user's comment in Instagram, you should simply push on the heart sign placed to the right side from the comment you want to like. You can put likes to comments left to your pfotos or to any other comments in the social net!

If you have a question how to turn cooment likes notifications off, we advice to go to the settings panel, than to the Push notifications settings, and there you can select off setting to the comments like.

So, how new Instagram comments would influence on the business?

We expect, that to the newcommers it's a very usefull possibility to go into the dialog with the potential clients and audience. Also this function saves a lot of time, by excluding the nessesarity to provide prsonal replies!

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