Alexander metelev
Instagram Direct update
Changes in the functionality of the tool that already has more than 375 million users
What's new?

Instagram decided to improve once again the function of personal messages and to make it easier for users to use all the functionality, and so that people do not lost anymore, who, what and where to whom sent.

Now all personal messages, scars, and disappearing photos and videos will be displayed in the same place.

By the way, we note that recently launched by analogy with Snapchat, the functionality of disappearing photos and video messages has not yet received a very wide demand.

It was logical to concentrate all the functionality for messaging in one place to make it easier for users, and at the same time to promote their own services that are of low popularity.

Work in Direct Instagram

In order to send a message, you need to go to Direct by clicking on the airplane icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Next, when you click on the camera icon, you can capture a vanishing photo or video.

The camera icon can also be clicked on in an existing message stream.

Take a photo and click on the arrow to send a photo or video to a friend or a group of friends. After the message is sent, follow the notifications that will let you know which of the friends viewed the message.

When a new disappearing photo or video comes, it comes in blue and appears in the inbox. Once the message is viewed by the user, it disappears forever.

The only thing you can do is answer the message and, again, only one single time. When you try to take a screenshot, the user who sent the disappearing message receives a notification.

Lot of users are interested in what service they can send messages to Instagram Direct. and are just some of the best services that can be used for this today.
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