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Instagram Direct Messaging
There is long time that a new function in Instagram was applied- communication in direct.
There is long time that a new function in Instagram was applied- communication in direct, but most of people do not use this functionality with maximum efficiency, because Instagram Direct Messaging is an excellent alternative messaging or advertising in search engines.

Now, in our service there is an opportunity to make automatic dispatch to direct using your own subscribers, new subscribers and lists of users. Instagram Direct Messaging allows you to automate the process of sending messages to a direct mail address and makes each individual as individual as possible.

Newsletters by messengers do not come more relevant, because such messaging has lot of disadvantages:

1) Expensive cost of sending 1 single message.

2) No ability to provide reply from your profile.

3) Getting hit by spam filters.

Today Instagram has more than 1 million successful advertisers who are actively developing their business through social network Instagram. Most advertisers use services to automate the promotion processes, such as automatic tracking in Instagram, automatic subscriptions and unsubscribes - it's positive and gives its result, but using such services you will not be able to dialogue and sell your goods and services through Instagram Direct Messaging.

So far, more than 60% of sales in Instagram are made through Instagram Direct. And in order to communicate correctly with your target audience, you need to use powerful services to send commercial offers or actions to Direct. Instagram Direct Messaging helps to increase sales significantly due to the fact that you address to each of your clients personally - through Direct.

Mass messaging in Instagram Direct already exists in our service - The total cost of advertising in Instagram direct is much cheaper than sending via messengers or by mail!

Through the Messaging into Direct you can use:

- Communication with customers

- Communicate with customers to increase interest in yourself or the product!

- News or promotions - Send up-to-date information about events to your subscribers!

- Remind yourself - Motivate customers come back to you!

The service allows you to send mails into Direct by the following criteria and filters:

- Newsletter for all your subscribers

- Send messages to your existing subscribers and work with your collected audience!

- Messaging to new subscribers

- Create messages for welcome messages to your new subscribers!

- Subscribe to your own list - Send messages to your own list of users!

How does it work?

1) Choose a strategy

2) Add text and image

3) Configure settings

4) Start the messaging

Monthly cost of messaging into Direct – 13$ per 1 account

Unique function is messaging to users via Instagram Direct, according to the criteria.
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