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While you develop your business, our service automatically promotes your business profile
Creating business account in Instagram

Creating Instagram business account is no difficult, but it gives the owner a number of advantages, where the most important one is a button for direct communication with the owner-company. If you already have a page on Instagram, then there's no need to create a new one – you can turn personal profile into commercial status by linking it to ready business account on Facebook in the settings tab (this is a prerequisite).

What additional advantages do the owners of such pages get?

  • "Contact" button which displays the phone number, physical address and e-mail in the tab, facilitating direct communication
  • The geolocation function which shows the location of the page owner
  • You can see the information about the type of company business activity
  • You can access advanced statistics
Instagram business account can also be effectively used to promote goods and services with the help of our promotion service. For a business owner, this provides a number of advantages, including the possibility of virtually complete automation of account promotion without additional costs. The service provides automatic publishing of posts, automatic likes, comments, sending messages to active subscribers without violating Instagram limits.

While you develop your business, our service automatically promotes your business profile. At the same time you do not run the risk concerning account blocking issues, which is not a rare thing for those who use viral SMM-techniques.

How Instagram stories help business

New Instagram "Stories" function opens up even more opportunities for business. First, a little information about the features of this section – it allows you to place a series of photos in form of short stories, supplementing them with certain graphic effects using the built-in editor. The key feature is that the materials are stored here only a day – after that they automatically disappear. This might seem inconvenient, but for business such function presents a number of advantages:

  • Posts requiring temporary publication do not clutter up the feed
  • There is an opportunity to effectively announce short-term campaigns, last-minute tickets, discounts, etc.
  • You can divide general stream of posts
Using this service to promote commercial interests is simple and efficient. Users know that a publication in "Stories" disappears after a day, so they show increased interest in it. It is a good opportunity to create some excitement for no reason, announcing a one-day discount on any product or service, advertising an event. Moreover, this option allows you to create temporary interactive streams with subscribers, posting answers to their questions or assignments for participation in the drawings.

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