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HYPE in Instagram. How to promote Instagram account?
What is hype in Instagram and how to attract hundreds thousand followers in Instagram?
Black PR in Instagram

Earnings in social networks now is popular theme for the most and people are ready to use any methods of promotion their Instagram accounts including black PR.

Definition of Black PR. What is Black PR in Instagram?

Black PR has always been a set of events conducted to blacken the image of companies, to profane the reputation of competitors and thereby driving them out of the market. Such a dirty struggle is usually merciless and cruel, it does not have any moral and ethical norms accepted in society.

Most often, a black PR is the presentation of false information about a particular object(own speculation, rumors, groundless slander). But in some cases, the real "dirty" details of personal life can come up. For example, it may be actions from youth, hidden motives and much other information that a person has sought to hide so carefully from the public. For black PR strategies, personal information is usually obtained by dishonest means, for example, bribery or blackmail.

Any methods of information attack are used to eliminate competitors. The main objectives of black PR are:

  • undermining and deteriorating the reputation of a competitor;

  • ousting competitors from the market;

  • complete destruction of business and corporate relations;

  • intimidation of the enemy to reduce his activity.

Today it is very easy to order the Black PR. Even there is a such profession as a black PR man and people with certain skills spread negative and false information about someone or something in the media and social networks.

It should always be remembered that black PR is also a promotion. Specialists in the field of advertising and PR have long already discovered the benefits and effectiveness of the black method.Black PR can not always harm an object, but give a positive effect to some extent. In any case the society will know about the PR object, which means that its recognition among the masses will also increase, even if the source of fame is a scandal.

Many celebrities use this technique to increase their fading popularity. A paid "dirty" PR campaign in the media, followed by its refutation creates a lot of hype around the public person, and with the right strategy, can give a positive effect.

Black PR is quite active in social networks. Modern mass media can no longer constitute a full-fledged competition for social media. People are more eager and more active perceive information on the web and are more likely to respond to the negative, and the material in the blog is spreading much faster than in printed publications. In some top blogs, public communities in social networks and on forums, the audience exceeds the circulation of influential newspapers.

Only in comparison with newspapers where the news is simply published, in social networks it is possible not only to discuss information, but also possible to listen to arguments of different people. There are more possibilities in the network!

Instagram for black PR has become a great place where PR manager can do their "black" work not only faster, but also cheaper. At the same time, the concept of black PR in Instagram has a slightly different character and implies the promotion of accounts by means of mass, high degree of automation and violation of all the possible rules of service prescribed by search engines. The main goal of such actions is an accelerated "hard" seizure of top positions in search issues.

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