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How to increase sales using Instagram?
In this article we explain a few key points that will inevitably help you to boost its sales in Instagram.
Let's start with the very basics, the very first and most obvious fact of attracting new subscribers, and eventually clients. It's your nick in Instagram, the name of your profile.

Complex nick

The main thing here you need to understand, nick = customers. The first thing that falls on the eye of your potential customer, it is your name, your nickname. If it contains underscores, numbers, complex combinations of letters + numbers required, it will definitely scare the client. Make your nick the simplest for perception, put yourself in the shoes of a customer, the simpler and more beautiful will be your nick, the more presentable you will look at the list of all your competitors. An example of a bad nickname: Afokab199_96 an example of a good nick samaranеails / omskcakes / moscowvape and so on

The column "about yourself"

You have to use smiles "Emodji". Yeah, people will immediately catch with their eyes emoticons and their abundance, allows them to easily attach a smiley at the desired value. The emoticons can easily be seen.- pouring the text, people won't read a long and monotonous text about who you are, what you are and what you offer. Write brief about what you sell, using emoticons.

Contact information

In the settings of your profile, enter your contact information: phone, what's app, viber, telegram, the more the better, make it so that your customer can contact you, do not limit him in connection with you. Next, in the column "website" add the link to your website, or a group in Vkontakte, if you don't have is, then a link to your VK profile.

Offer or special

Offer motivates customer to buy. The proposal, which will not allow the customer to pass by your page. For example: you sell potatoes and scams you will: "buy-the one kilo of potatoes and get one as a gift!" or "1+1=3", etc. Any proposal that may hook your buyer.

Clear profile

Your profile should clearly show what you sell. In the account there should be no water, there should not be posts not related to your work. Each post is as accurate as possible and maximum informative message for your customer.

Errors of content:

1. Collages.

Do not use in your posts the effect of a collage, when you put two photos with frames, or one photo from different angles. This method of content delivery does not affect the sale, and only scares away your potential customers.

2. There are no reviews.

Feedbacks are "triggers of trust". Reviews that's what people trust. If the store has a lot of customers and everyone is happy, then immediately formed a positive opinion of the store. The more you will have reviews the better, people will see that you are interesting in and also will buy from you. Reviews can be taken from the clients themselves, ask them to write a few words about your product, what they think about the store and so on. Make screenshots of the conversations in messengers and in the VK.

3. Terrible content.

You don't need to be a professional photographer to attract many customers to your account. It will be enough to take normal shots to a regular phone. More light and the right angle, that's all you need! Use only the best photos in your opinion, take photos of your products with real people, in full growth, natural images. For beauty salons and other accounts related services, post photos before and after, it will be the best way to convey your information to the client. Let the client see, what you can do.

4. Reviews-Repost.

You need to put to your profile reposts from your customers, let them publish a photo of you in the salon, with your products, using your service and so on, and you, in turn, make reposts to your account. Reposts have very positive impact on sales, the customer sees that you are interested in and will also show interest.

5. Star Repost.

The top сontent is a repost of your service or product from some sort of star. For example Olga Buzova can come to your shop or salon to take a few photos, then put them in Instagram and pin you. It will instantly bring you new clients, as the audience of stars in hundreds and thousands of times more than you have in the store. You can also negotiate with the stars in another way. Offering them your goods and services in return for the repost. You give her/him a dress - they repost you, you give them manicure, they will repost and so on.

6. Personal photos.
Do not steal other people's photos from the Internet for your profile, and do not post someone else's photo and your profile. The holder can easily complain to your photo and block your account. Use only your personal photos and videos.

7. A lot of LETTERS.
Do not post under your beautiful posts a huge text, which is difficult to perceive. Now nobody reads. Specify only the most important thing, remove water from your texts, do not write too much, write things brief and on topic. Use emoticons, write less.

Little action

You have not enough likes, comments and subscribers in your account. This is an indication that your account is not popular. If so, definitely nobody will buy anything. The more subscribers - the more customers. The more clients - the more followers. So it is with everything else. First, promote your page, you need to attract more people to the account and then start doing the promotion for the given parameters of the target audience. The real sale will go from 2-3 thousand subscribers, the more the greater. The minimum requirement is at least one thousand subscribers.

Hash Tags

It is not necessary for every post to write 100-500 hash tags in English, with absolutely no relation to your business. Write hash tags that fit just under your product only to your services, make your personal hash tag that will use your subscribers. Do not write more than 10-12 hash tags under a single post.

And last:

Communicate with your subscribers, organize contests, create some kind of discounts via Instagram, make some hash tags, which will be only yours, turn your page into a mass media platform for communication between your subscribers and you. If you will follow all these rules, is guaranteed to be a tributary to a larger audience to your page! After all, when the page is beautiful, the people themselves will subscribe to it!

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