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How to enable automation in Instagram
Full automation of the Instagram account promotion is already available to everyone.
Everyone wants to have a popular Instagram account at hand, but not everyone has time to do this promotion. Fortunately enough, the development of technology does not stand still. For very busy people, automation tools have long existed on Instagram, with the help of which the promotion of any account can be entrusted to professional online services.


Massfolloving has become one of the first ways to auto promotion of Instalgram accounts. Its essence is simple - the system subscribes your page to other users who are then most likely to subscribe to you in return. For more productive automation in Instagram, we recommend choosing the service, which, along with the massfollowing option, has the option of automatically unsubscribing from pages that do not subscribe to you back.


Almost simultaneously with the massfollowing on the market of Instragram promotion appeared massliking. You can guess its peculiarities yourself: you connect your account to the automation service in Instagram, and it likes posts of other users on your behalf. Nothing complicated - people seeing likes from you, either look at your account or start following you or like you in response. It may seem as nothing special, but this way of cheating enhances the promotion of the page at times.

Tracking comments

Perhaps, it is the work with comments that requires users most of the time when maintaining promotion on Instagram. However, even this aspect of promotion can be automated. To this end, some services have already developed comment trackers that allow you to quickly respond to comments from the followers and remove inappropriate answers.

Sending direct messages

Are you engaged in advertising and sales through an Instagram account? Then you know that sending out marketing texts to the target audience in Direct takes a lot of time. As you understand, automation in Instagram has reached such a scale that even this aspect of working with the promoted page can be entrusted to special services.

All the necessary functionality in one service

Finally, we note one important thing - you will find all the necessary tools for automation in Instagram in our service. Instalex will help you in promoting your Instagram account, without requiring you to do any extra efforts. Find out more about Instalex functionality on our website.

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