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How to earn money using your Instagram account?
Monetize your personal page in social network.
All public figures have understood that their fame can be used like an additional income in social networks. Instagram, which was launched in 2010, gained a special popularity in the last couple of years. And now people who has a huge number of Instagram followers, receive money for placement of advertising various goods in their blogs.

How do you make money on social networks?

Every blogger, who has more than 10 thousand real and active followers, can start to receive money from advertisement.

For this you need to register on one of the social exchanges, which offer intermediary services, finding wishing to order advertising and wishing to advertise.

The exchange guarantees an honest deal for both parties. For their intermediary services they receive a certain percentage of each advertising campaign.

Advertiser finds users, who has the right target audience and who's page are suitable for advertised product. After that they negotiate on the cost and type of advertising with owner of page.

When they come to an agreement, the exchange blocks the necessary amount in the customer's account. After the blogger has completed the task of placing the content, and the customer is sure of it - money automatically transfers from the customer's account to the account of the contractor.

The most famous exchanges for earning in Instagram:

Now it's the single official content-exchange in CIS countries. Officially it was created in 2016. This exchange occupies a leading position among similar services and of course want to be the first in the world. Advertising prices are different and there are more people who are ready to order advertising than who are ready to advert.

One of the most popular and tested intermediary services. It's ideal for Instagram. With his help you can monetize Instagram account, Youtube channel, pages in VK and Twitter. For 1 advertising post you have to pay about 1$. Also you have a possibility to publish barter-advertising that is exchange for goods or services.

It's the service for users who have a really promoted account with big numbers of active followers. This service give a possibility to cooperate with leading global brands from different spheres. Payments and advertising campaigns are more serious and prestigious. If you want to register in this site, you need to have at least 10 thousand of followers.


Very often everything ends at the registration stage because advertisers are slow to send their offers and wishing to make money on account is dying out. But it's not right. You need to constantly develop your profile and yourself. You should publish interesting content, which can attract new followers to your page. As a rule new content should be updated regularly. Otherwise interest simply disappears and followers begin to be unsubscribed.

You can register on content exchanges with a thousand followers. But, against the background of bloggers with millions of subscribers, such page is lost sight of. She is in the last places of database. So at first the offers may be very rare.

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