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How to create a Business profile in Instagram
Detailed instruction for beginners!

Create login without numbers like "Kristina185" or without numbers of cars (yes, that happens). It would be better if you start with the surname but never start with underscore because people may forget about it and won't find your page in search. It would be the best if you creating interesting, memorable nickname and won't be limited by name and surname.


Two restrictions - photo in the mirror and photo, where you were shot from afar. Why so? You will be very poorly seen.


Something informative, but people don't attach importance to the description as "Inspire/love life/19 years old/New York/ Love Steve". Better if you write interesting facts about yourself in description. And not just a "traveler", but "visited 35 countries of the world. You can find stories about them by hashtags".

Work with content

Choose niche. Do not take too much. It's difficult to write about everything at once, for example sport, traveling and cookery. You should choose only one theme. Be active because you need to get a public attention.So you will be noticed and of course your page attract more subscribers. This means not just flipping the tape, but also trying to like and comment on posts. Publish sincere articles. And alternate them: first an informative post, then - a funny story from life. Subscribers will begin to treat you warmly. By the way, there are effective posts like "20 facts about yourself", because people recognize themselves in them. At the end of each post put a rhetorical question: "Were you in the similar situation?", "And what will you do?". And, of course, the text have to be literate. Don't be lazy and check your article or spelling of different words again.

Stick to the schedule. The optimal number of posts - 1-2 per day. The first you may publish in the morning from 9 to 12, the second - in the evening from 19 to 21. Be sure to use the draft: at first write post, and Instagram offers save it before publishing. Convenient, because you can see if the photo matches the previous posts. If everything is good - publish.

Promotion in Instagram: budgetary methods

Mutual shouts with bloggers

Shout is a mention in the post with an active reference to your page. Choose blogger in your category( with the same number of subscribers) and offer him to do a shout. Don't be shy and write first.

Essence of the Shout: load to your page photo from blogger's profile, write about him several sentences. He will do the same for you. Also the part of his subscribers subscribe to you, and your subscribers - on him. After that you may delete the post.


They are necessary because your photos will be easier to find. But don't use very popular hashtags like «#instagram», «#like», because there are a lot of posts with them. Your photo will instantly go down and nobody will see it. Also annoying when there are many hashtags in the photo description, so it would be better to write them in the comment. Simply load the photo and in the first comment write necessary hashtags.


It stands for "shout out for shout out", that is, "mention for a mention". Essence: blogger announces SFS, and subscribers post photo from his profile and write about him in their accounts. Blogger chooses one or several people, who he liked most and tells about them on his page.Own SFS can be carried out when you have 4-5 thousand subscribers. At least 3 thousand.


They can be started when you have about 1 thousand subscribers. You can gift cover for phone, or cosmetic bag. It's work because people love freebies, willingly distribute such posts, and you have new subscribers. Here's the story as one guy, for example, jokingly played "Mivin" and he had more subscribers. And this despite the fact that the cost of delivery had to be paid on its own - it turned out to be more expensive than the gift itself.

Mark of friends

If friends post photos with you, ask to add an active link to the profile via @. For example, not "Walked with Steve today", but "Walked with @Steve today".

Promotion services

The best service for the promotion of Instagram is always and will be the Instalex service. Everybody can try it three days for free.

How to make masterpiece using a smartphone?


You should know clearly what you are photographing. This object should be in the foreground. Pay attention to the colors: for example, gray well combine with pink, red and white.


Foreground should be lighter than background. Check, some details can spoil your photo, for example, branches sticking out of the head. If you are taking pictures near the wall, be attentive.No sky should look out, otherwise the photo will be lit.


Photo should be geometrically correct. Always remember about the horizon, don't tilt the horizon. Also you need to know that the most important object in your photo should at the intersection of four central points. It's the rule, and to not forget about this, turn on the camera function "grid".


Better take the pictures in daylight. To make the photo lighter, you can use a plain paper instead of a light reflector. If you take a subject photo, the ideal time and place is the morning, the window sill of a large window.

Resources for photo processing:


• Snapseed

• Lightroom

• Unum

Good luck in endeavors!

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