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How to choose an online franchise: a short guide for beginner franchisees
All you wanted to know about choosing online franchises, but were too afraid to ask.
Let's imagine a situation: you are going to start your business based on a franchise, but you cannot choose a partner who will grant you the right to use the brand of their company. How to choose a reliable franchise company? To do this, you need to evaluate the franchise proposal by several criteria. We share with you the main points to check before choosing the right franchise.

Evaluate the idea of the project

First of all, consider the business ideas offered by franchisers and choose the one that you like the most. Fortunately, nowadays, online franchises are present in virtually all areas of Internet business. Give preference to those projects, in the essence of which you understand, since it will be much easier to work in a known and understandable area for you.

Communicate with the franchisee

It is important to communicate with the franchisor before the conclusion of the agreement on dealer cooperation. Try to learn as much as possible about the work of the company, the successes of the main project and the plans for the future. Also look for information about franchise managers and analyze the information about their business experience and the franchise network development model.

Talk to other franchisees

It is better to find three or four dealers who have already acquired the rights to the franchise you liked. Be sure to learn from them the data on their costs in opening a dealer business, daily work responsibilities and profitability of the project. Give preference to those franchises that allow dealers to recoup all the costs of starting a franchise enterprise within 4-12 months.

Check the franchise for legal reliability

In order to do this, you will need first to study reviews on the franchise, then look for information on the Internet on the people who own the rights to it. If the Internet does not find any evidence of major fraud or dubious projects involving the partners, then you can consider them as more or less reliable franchisors.

Assess the risks

In other words, you need to carefully read the contract for the use of franchise rights, which must be created with each dealer. Examine all penalties that can be relied upon if the terms of the agreement are not met by the dealer or franchisor. At this point, we advise you to resort to the help of professional lawyers - let experts also analyze the contract.

Work out a detailed model of the dealership business plan

First, evaluate the timeframes that you will need to bring your dealer project to self-sufficiency and profitability. Second, calculate the costs of promoting your business and find out the capabilities of its target audience. Finally, sketch a plan of your work duties, which you will have to carry out for the development of your franchise enterprise.


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