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How to add account?
Step by step manual - How to add account in service?
1. Visit
2. You will be redirected to the page where you should add your Instagram account:
3. Specify your username in the field "Your Instagram account Name":
4. Specify your password in the field "Your Instagram account Password":
5. Press the "Add account" button:
6. Maybe you will see the notification:
7. Without pressing anything on the Instalex web site, pick up your phone or tablet and enter the same Instagram account with an official application:
8. You will see the following notification:
8.1 If the notification didn't appear right away, try to like any photo and you will see it:
9. Press the button "It was me":
10. Turn back to the Instalex web site and press "Add account" button, without adding any new symbols in the form:
11. If you did everything right, your account will be added to the Instalex service successfully
P.S. After the 5th clause it's not necessary, that you'll see a warning about confirmation of your account with the phone. May be you will be able to add your account directly to the Instalex

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