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Franchise catalogs: how to choose platform for your franchise business?
Catalogs are not as profitable, as you might have thought.
Franchising business is developing by leaps and bounds. There are more and more new businesses that offer all the clients with a sufficient amount of initial capital to become their franchisee. Yes, and the demand for franchises is very high as well. This option seems profitable for many to open their own business with minimal investment and assistance from a business partner.

Still, the authority of franchising business is undermined by dishonest dealers. Some engage in fraudulent activities, offering dealers some rubbish instead of franchises. Others act more secretively - they offer intermediary services for franchisors and franchisees, demanding a considerable payment for meaningless services. We are talking about franchise catalogs, which we will discuss in more detail in this article.

A bit of theory

Catalogs of franchises are online resources, which are engaged in the compilation of databases of franchise projects through which potential dealers can find a profitable partner for themselves. For intermediary services for finding franchisors and franchisees, such sites take a certain price. In fact, they are not occupied with anything special - they simply act as intermediaries between partners, but they position themselves as a useful assistant in building a franchise business. However, the catalogs have a serious problem that all their visitors should know about.

Why you should not trust directories

The fact is that not all franchises that are collected in online catalogs are equally trustful with customers. Very often on platforms you can find counterfeit projects that are conducted by scammers. Their goal is to sell as much as possible the rights to use their brand before declaring themselves bankrupt, leaving the unlucky franchisees out of the business. Therefore, keep in mind that you cooperate with catalogs at your own risk, as they do not provide a guarantee that the dealer will find an honest and profitable partnership for themselves.

What is the best way to promote franchises?

If you are going to open your franchise, then you can say 99.9% that your enterprise has its own website. It should become the main platform for promotion of your business proposal to potential franchisees. Publish detailed information about the essence of your franchise, as well as the benefits that dealers expect in cooperation with you.

Do not forget to promote your brand by the most effective advertising channels of our time - social networks. Build communities for franchisees and potential partners through which you can talk about the benefits of your franchise and deal with customers. We recommend that you take a closer look at Telegram - a channel in this messenger suits well for promotion of a business franchise.

Sharing our experience of promoting franchises

Service Instalex develops its franchise on its own. Instead of using the services of franchise catalogs, we are looking for potential customers without any middlemen, promoting their company through their website and social networks. This is paying off: the Instalex franchise has already acquired almost two hundred dealers in 22 countries. As you can see, you can find franchisees without the help of intermediaries.

As an example of the promotion of the franchise, take a look at the ECIR project. The service deals with the sale of goods for promotion of accounts in social networks and has already acquired dealers not only on the Russian market, but also actively develops the field of online promotion in 6 other countries. And all this has been achieved without the help of directories or catalogs of franchises. And since the franchise can be promoted without intermediaries, is there any sense in such "helpers"?

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