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Creating your own business or acquiring a franchise: what is more profitable at the moment?
Ready ideas for starting your own business are here waiting for you.
Doing business online is much more profitable these days than launching your business in a standard format. Arguments in favour of this statement are simple: on the Internet you do not have to spend money on renting a room for an enterprise and spend time on the road to the work place - you can work even at home. To communicate with your team via instant messengers or special applications is just as easy as it would be in the office. If you are already thinking about starting your own online business, then you need to answer one important question - is it profitable to start your business from scratch or is it better to start a franchise business?

What do you need to open an online business in 2018?

Starting your own Internet business will require you a lot of time, effort and money. To begin with, you will need to build a team that will be ready to work 12-14 hours a day right from the every start and endure all problems of a long working day. Then you will reach the stage of active project development. This stage will take you from 1 to 4 years, which you will spend on improving your business, debugging the system and eliminating the emerging shortcomings. By approximate estimates, you will have to invest at least $ 500,000 in the creation of your business - not every starting entrepreneur has this budget.

How to work on a franchise?

In comparison with starting business from scratch, the dealership online business is much easier. All you need to open your own franchise business is to choose a reliable partner for cooperation and get initial budget for acquiring franchise rights. After you sign a contract with your partner, you just have to wait for a predetermined period of time for which your online dealership business will be developed and integrated with the system to which you will purchase the franchise. It'll take a short period of time, not more than two weeks. After that, you will have a completely ready-made business, which can be started immediately. To purchase franchise rights, you will need 1-5 thousand dollars - no doubt, this price is much more affordable than the money that you have to spend to start your own business from scratch.

Which option is the best?

Obviously, franchise business is much easier and more profitable than starting your own online business. Firstly, you will not waste time on getting your project ready, instead you receive it one or two weeks after the of the contract for cooperation. Secondly, you will always be provided with any help in the development and management of your business from the representatives of the franchise enterprise, which you will never achieve when you open your own project. And, finally, you will be able to save considerably - for a franchise you will have to spend less money in comparison with creating your own business.

Unique offer from Instalex

Our project is ready to offer you cooperation - the service is open to offers from regional dealers who want to start their business in a franchise. At the moment, the service is looking for partners who are ready to create and develop their business outside the Russian Federation. By signing a contract for the development of dealer business with Instalex, you will receive your online business platform for integrated promotion of Instagram accounts. More details about the terms and conditions for acquiring rights to a franchise and the benefits of cooperation can be found on the website of the service in the "Franchise" section.

Build your business with ECIR

If you want to sell the products for promotion in social networks, then we suggest you pay attention to the offer from the ECIR service. Cooperation with ECIR team will give you the opportunity to create your own online enterprise with minimal investment. To acquire rights to the franchise ECIR, you will need to spend from 1 to 3 thousand dollars. In return, you will get a quality and multifunctional business in just two weeks. If you are interested in this offer, then visit the site of the ECIR service - in the section "Franchise" you will get all the useful information and see the presentation of the advantages of the franchise from the project.

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