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Step-by-step guide to leveraging the popular social network: an overview of the book "Become Instagram Famous"
Is it necessary to learn how to maintain an Instagram account properly? Yes, if you want to create an attractive account and gain popularity on this network. Luckily, there is no need for you to attend endless trainings and webinars. All the necessary information about a successful promotion of the Instagram account is described in the book "Become Instagram Famous". Let's proceed to the full review of the book.
Who is the author of this book?

The creator of the book "Become Instagram Famous" is Alexander Metelev, an expert in marketing, promotion in social networks and SMM. Under his leadership there have been created dozens of online services, that are still successfully functioning on the Internet. Among the most famous services of the author are Instalex and ECIR - these projects help their users in promotion of accounts on the most popular social networks. Alexander has been working in the field of Instagram promotion for more than five years. During this time, he managed to accumulate a lot of knowledge and experience in this area, which formed the basis of the book.

While working on the book "Become Instagram Famous" Alexandr was assisted by the Instalex online service team, a platform that promotes accounts on Instagram. Together they spent a lot of time searching for content, processing it and writing information-rich and useful texts chapters by chapter. The released book fell in the reader's heart: as of now the number of copies sold has exceeded 12 thousand and continues to grow. One can say for sure that the audience appreciated the work of Alexander Metelev and the employees of the project he created.

What's inside?

The content of the book can be divided into three logical parts. The first one tells about the history of Instagram itself and its features. The facts about this network may seem well-known, but those who were not interested in the story that stands behind this project, get a great opportunity to learn about it.

The second part is devoted to blogging activities on Instagram and promotion of your own brand. The book tells in detail the key rules of maintaining a proper Instagram account and ways that will help you promote it. All data are supported by real cases, as well as stories from the personal experience of the author.

Finally, the third part of "Become Instagram Famous" tells about the opportunities that this social network opens for business owners. Based on examples of successful entrepreneurial accounts, Alexander Metelev examines the rules of doing business on Instagram and shares his thoughts and ideas on the basics of the promotion of his company. Also, the author of the book describes his experience in promoting business accounts on the social network.

Who is this book useful for?

Thanks to the fact that the book "Become Instagram Famous" contains the most useful information about the promotion on Instagram, it will come in handy to people who are just going to or are already promoting their account on this social network. First of all, there is a lot of helpful information for bloggers. They will be particularly interested in the chapters of the book, which are devoted to investigating the reasons for the popularity of the most famous instablogers of the world, as well as sections that tell about the author's experience in promoting his own page on Instagram.

Also, this book is recommended for reading to business owners who are going to promote their products and services with the help of Instagram. Nowadays, the promotion of your company on social networks brings tangible results: the flow of customers increases by an average of 40-60%, which leads to increased sales of products. Instagram is especially attractive for the promotion of products and services because it is there where you can find the target audience for almost any product. This book teaches readers the basics of doing business in the abovemantioned social network, and also explains the rules for the promotion of goods in it.

Where can I buy the book?

There are several options where you can buy the book "Become Instagram Famous". If you want to order a printed version of the publication, then you need to visit the websites of online stores Amazon or Ozon. There you will find both the English-language and Russian-language versions of the book. If you prefer to have a digital version of "Become Instagram Famous" you can go directly to the official website of the publication, The price for a digital copy is only $ 7.99. For this money you will receive more than three hundred pages of extremely useful material, created by a specialist in the maintenance and promotion of Instagram accounts.

You can apply for the purchase of the digital version of the book "Become an Instagram Star" right on this page. The form for buying the publication is under this article.
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