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Advertising on Instagram: truth and myths
The advertising sphere is so strongly integrated with the capabilities of social networks that today it is already impossible to imagine them without each other.
Advertising on Instagram is considered to be especially popular among SMM-firm customers. But so far around this sphere there are so many rumors and fictions that we just need to understand whether they are fact or fiction.

Instagram advertising audience is all bots
No, this is definitely a false statement. If bots are present in the target audience of any advertising on Instagram, then they make up no more than 2% of the total number of selected users. The rest of the campaign is promoted only among living people, and therefore its effectiveness remains high.

Promotion cannot be done for free
This is only partly false. In fact, advertising on Instagram can be posted free of charge - there are still options for mutual PR and advertising collaborations. But the greatest result is brought by advertising campaigns, in which, nevertheless, sufficient funds were invested.

You can advertise yourself
Yes this is true. You can actually start advertising on Instagram yourself. It is enough to develop a promotion strategy, find your target audience and constantly work on the SMM campaign management. But a logical question arises: why should you spend so much time and effort if you can use the help of special services?

Working with Instagram promotion services will lead to account blocking
Absolutely not - the capabilities of modern platforms for promoting Instagram accounts make it possible not to be afraid of a hypothetical ban from the administration of the social network for using third-party resources. We advise you to choose those services that have in their functionality programs for home proxies. With them, advertising on Instagram will move even more efficiently.

Assistance in the promotion from our service
Let us briefly tell you about the benefits that you can get by working with our service. Instalex platform not only helps in the promotion of instagram accounts, but also makes it possible to significantly simplify the process of maintaining any instablog. You can be sure that advertising on Instagram, promoted with the help of our system, is guaranteed to reach the desired audience and bring the desired result.
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